Mike Bleifuss & USA Ragers Are Changing The Game

Mike Bleifuss is a young entrepreneur who is currently dominating the live music industry. Mike is the CEO and Founder of USA Ragers, a company that helps artists broaden their horizons while simultaneously making high-end entertainment accessible to young adults.

USA Ragers was founded in 2021 in Westchester, New York. Mike’s ambition is to continually give high-quality entertainment to younger audiences. Mike stated, “I am an ambitious individual who has decided to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur. In this process, I have discovered my own industry, courage, and resilience.

I know I will continue to learn more each day and develop into the person I envisioned in the process.” Mike has built a thriving business around sponsored events and big-name headliners by leveraging his extensive social media reach and ties in the music and entertainment industries.

This has allowed Mike to achieve incredible success in a short period of time. Because of his ability to effectively incorporate social media into the event advertising process, USA Ragers has been able to expand to a level far beyond the capability of other businesses in the event planning industry. Mike has had a lot of success selling out large arenas in the northeast.

The most recent Halloween event held by USA Ragers was touted as “New York’s Biggest Party,” and it immediately sold out. Because each event attracts thousands of people, it has grown into a significant platform for young, aspiring artists and influencers to build their professional networks.

Mike’s ability to use his social media presence to attract crowds is unparalleled. Mike has used Instagram and Snapchat to increase event attendance at USA Ragers. Mike is able to reach Young audiences effectively across all platforms. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and other platforms, Mike and USA Ragers have been able to attract major crowds. Mike’s ability to broaden the horizons of USA Ragers has been aided by social media.

Mike and the USA Ragers are currently entertaining young adults in major metropolitan areas throughout the northeast. Mike intends to broaden the scope of USA Ragers to include all 50 states. Many more young adults, musicians, and influencers will be able to participate in the USA Ragers experience as a result of this.

Mike Bleifuss and USA Ragers have been in charge of organizing large-scale concerts in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and other northeastern states. USA Ragersintends to become a cross-country live music company, and they have been able to push ticket sales and sell out venues in some of the country’s most populous areas.

Mike’s success has been greatly aided by social media, where he has amassed a sizable following. As a result of this strategy, USA Ragers has provided a platform for artists and influencers to grow and cultivate their fan bases. Follow the USA Ragers Instagram account to stay up to date on upcoming events. Mike Bleifusscan be found on Instagram.

Social Links:
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mikebleifuss/

USA Ragershttps://www.instagram.com/usaragers

Tik Tok – https://www.tiktok.com/mikebleifuss/

Linkedin –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-bleifuss-1a8bbb23a/

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