Mike Ogbebor on Why He Values Faith and Focus in Business

Coming from a difficult background encouraged Mike Ogbebor to work hard and be persistent to create a stable income. From working a nine-to-five job to owning several pieces of real estate and being the founder of multiple successful start-up businesses, it’s clear that Ogbebor has the focus needed for this industry.

Being a big believer and strong man of faith, Ogbebor shares his favorite scripture, Romans 8:28. “And we all know that all things work together for good to those who love God.” He practices this proverb that mirrors his life, showing a religious mindset may be beneficial to some.

Integrating one’s beliefs into one’s business, no matter what they may be, can help guide one through the tough times and decisions to come. This is a point that Ogbebor emphasizes during the many seminars he provides for the thousands of people who are inspired to come out and listen to him.

In addition to that, mentors are another thing that Ogbebor recommends. They can create a stable and focused environment for a business to thrive. A mentor once encouraged Mike to go into real estate investment, as there’s always money to be made there.

That proved to be true. Ogbebor made a name for himself, even earning a spot as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Real Estate Investors in the Nation. In less than twenty years, he has turned himself into a successful investor and entrepreneur.

He now has multiple restaurants and dialysis clinics that he’s founded and partnered with, and many tech start-ups he’s invested in. His strong focus has proved to be a powerful tool in furthering his career.

To quote Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” This can be compared to how Ogbebor turns his thoughts and ideas into reality to help those around him. He has already encouraged thousands of individuals to follow in his footsteps and take a chance on investments.

It’s admirable how Ogbebor makes it a point to help others looking to join the business world. He wants to encourage millennials like him to find success outside of a nine-to-five job, much like he has. Another piece of advice he shares is to create multiple streams of income, guaranteeing more opportunities.

Ogbebor chooses not to think about retirement – that’s still years away – and instead focuses on reaching goals he has set for himself. Ideally, he would like to leave behind enough wealth for his future family to live comfortably for many years to come.

Having moved to America at the age of seven with his family, Ogbebor grew up in some sketchy neighborhoods around Houston. Living in a one-bedroom apartment with four others was the complete opposite of the American dream he has now created for himself.

Ogbebor continues to share his knowledge with his one million Instagram followers. Engaging with them is a daily occurrence as he continues to spread positivity and tips about investing. Find him at @MikeInc__.

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