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Mike Poglese Shares 3 Indispensable Tips For Starting A Successful Marketing Platform

“I am impacting thousands and thousands of people indirectly through helping coaches reach the next level. It’s my way of being in the industry, but operating from the backend in which is what I love most”- Mike Poglese

The boom in digital marketing platforms during the pandemic has been evident from the myriads of new agencies popping in every corner of the internet. Marketing for brands is easy, but when you have a clear goal in mind and aim to solve real-world problems, success is inevitable.

Mike Poglese, an entrepreneur from Tybee Island Ga, Decided to launch his Free99Leads system during this period. What inspired him? When Mike was facing conundrums in his life and relationships, an investment in a life coach turned out to be more fruitful than he imagined. The coach brought about a transformation in Mike, which made him recognize the importance of healthy habits and treating turbulences as another hurdle that will only make him stronger for the challenges in the future. Mike shares 3 tips that will make you stand out from the competitors.

#Tip 1 – A Business Is Not A Side Hustle

Businesses are an integrated part of your life. You can have the greatest idea about sweeping the business world off its feet but if your execution lacks passion and fire, your ideas will go down the drain. A business brings about fulfillment, gratitude, self-sufficiency, impact on others, and an upward shift in your health and family cheer. While treating your idea as a hustle will lead to mental exhaustion, lousy preparation, and a loss of passion.

#Tip 2- You Need To Take Consistent And Persistent Actions

Opportunities are never missed, they’re just given to someone else”- Mike Poglese. According to him, opportunities are fleeting, if you see them you have to take the first chance to grab them or your action span will be gone. To succeed in life, an individual has to take actions daily without feeling obnoxious of failure.

 If you take consistent and persistent actions, you might fail once but the victory that follows is what will make a difference in your life. Never be afraid to implement your idea even if it is full of errors on the first run, you will never learn until you try!

#Tip 3- Experience Is The Success Potion

When one has adequate experience about a subject, the results are immaculate and free of bugs. Mike has created platforms that generate 7 figure income and also face glum situations at times. Did he back down because of a few setbacks? No, he rose stronger than ever. What you create, is a reflection of all the trials and tribulations that once led to the downfall of old ventures. 

You have to learn and implement your lessons constantly to create a legacy for people to follow. “How you do one thing is how you do everything. Take the extra step in life. Do the extra task. It’s what will separate you from your competition.”- Mike Poglese

The Free99Leads system is a venture by Mike which helps impact-driven coaches to shift their business online and reach the masses who need their advice and aid. This system will provide the necessary tools, support, and resources that will help the business of people to flourish. Visit Mike Poglese’s Instagram and know more about his influence and life.

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