Mike “Tate” Tetreault Shares How Multiple Streams Of Income Have Given Him Unlimited Potential

It’s a fact of life—everyone needs money. For Mike “Tate” Tetreault, there was never a question that he would find success. He had a vision of what his life’s path would look like, and never quit until that vision became a reality. What does that mean for Tate? Creating financial security through multiple streams of income through real estate.

Tate saw real estate as a way to make money with no ceiling. Whatever hard work he put in, he reaped reciprocal rewards. Knowing no limits to his potential, he learned to cultivate a mindset focused on success and the future before he even started. One of the most important lessons he learned was personal accountability. Instead of viewing failure as loss, he learned from it and let it pave the way to a world of possibilities.

As an expert negotiator and manager, Tate wants a piece of every deal. He can accommodate a variety of real estate transactions. Whether its residential sellers and buyers, first-time buyers, commercial properties, 1031 exchange deals, or land transactions, he always makes sure his clients are comfortable. “So many people suck up to everyone else and do things ‘by the book.’ I rather write my own book,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

Throughout his life, Tate has been forced to overcome adversity. From beating felony gun charges at 19 to suffering a severe neck injury at 22, he has persevered and learned that nothing in life is impossible. “Fear is used against us to prevent us from getting where we should really be. Don’t base your life around fear. If something bad happens in your life, you either deal with it or you don’t. The ones who deal with it keep going,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

By creating a vision for his life, and seeing it through, Tate lives life on his term as Boston’s “Real Estate Kingpin.” Everyday he celebrates the small victories, while constantly staying hungry.

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