Mike Touzard; the Forbes U30 Entrepreneur behind Medakit

Mike is the brain behind one of the most successful healthcare company in 2022.

In less than a decade, Medakit Ltd. has grown from a small IVD kit manufacturer to a major Covid-19 test supplier. Now as the world starts to live with this new virus — Chief Executive Officer Mike Touzard is already planning his next pivot.

“There’s a lot we can do in telemedicine, personalised health and fertility. Areas that we think have huge potential, but no one’s really addressing. »

Mike started his first company in 2011 at the age of 15, and has been active in different areas such as technology (mobile apps,AI,..), real estate and healthcare.

He recently got the honour to join the Forbes U30 Technology Council – 2020 Promotion in Hong Kong.

Born in the city of Brussels in Belgium, Mike, now 26, immigrated to The Democratic Republic of the Congo at the age of 13 and then moved back to Belgium a few years later. He quickly then established two ventures before setting up his award-winning digital marketing business UWard in 2015, which was acquired at 3 years later.

To build Medakit, Mike Touzard partnered with a team of high-skilled medical engineers in China. Together, they developed accuracy-leading 45 seconds rapid tests devices using German-made cellular membrane that Mike sourced.

By mixing his skills in technology and what he learnt with Medakit, Mike is now focusing on creating tomorrow’s technology that will bring life-saving healthcare solutions into everyone’s home.

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