Mikey BadAss Music Empire Thrives Through COVID

American Hustle is captured in Mikey BadAss’ music

The shockwaves and economic hardships of COVID-19 have altered global mentality and focus. It is more a blessing than a desire to survive another day in the music industry. 


In the wake of COVID-19, the music industry became paralyzed, and artists’ sources of income are diminishing due to a lack of live performances.


American Hustle is captured in Mikey BadAss’ music. In 2018, MB Multimedia Group was established by Mikey to demonstrate his commitment to becoming self-made.


In the “Jay Z” tradition of pursuing entrepreneurship rather than inflating streaming statistics, Mikey BadAss remains true to himself. His initial commercial release ‘Slide On Em’ gained massive critical acclaim from DJs, FM Radio Programmers, and club promoters.


The style of ‘Slide On Em’ combines creative genius, street dreams, and epic Hip-Hop bravado. The combined streams of Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify have topped 200,000.


Mikey Badass’ MB Multimedia Group’encompasses a record label, TV/Film production, music publishing, and global merchandising. The MB Multimedia Group flooded social media with Slide On Em videos, creative marketing tactics, and behind-the-scenes videos. 


Mikey BadAss track ‘Slide On Em’ charted nationally on Digital Radio Tracker’s Top 150 Independent charts for multiple months. 

Mickey BadAss realized his dreams were becoming a reality performing at intimate venues in multiple states.


There are certain expectations that come with being a young father. A father’s legacy to his son is the true American Dream. Mikey BadAss stands out in the music industry; he understands the risks and rewards to fulfill his destiny.

Mikey Badass is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPERADIOPUSHERS is a growth-based music monetization agency for Millennials. 


Written by Genxee

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