Millennial Entrepreneur Andre Epps Shares his Inspiring Story

In the digital age, entrepreneurship has become an increasingly discussed topic, and may often conjure up images of seasoned professionals who have accumulated wealth and success over a long period.

Meet Andre Epps, a successful business owner and 6 figure trader making his financial goals into reality at only 19 years old! Andre is here to fill in the gaps of financial literacy helping the masses create additional sources of income through trading and entrepreneurship. This is his story.

Born and raised in Spring Valley, New York, Andre is currently enrolled at the United States Naval Academy. Having taken classes in high school about investing in the stock market, Andre knew that employment was not for him; never having worked a traditional 9-5, Andre’s first source of income came from trading in the financial markets and he planned to continue in this path until he achieved the financial freedom he knew was attainable even as a teen.

Andre was introduced to the opportunity of network marketing in 2020 by one of his high school football teammates. With a business model that perfectly aligned with Andre’s knowledge and experience in the financial markets due to its educational platform for new traders, Andre decided to seize the opportunity and to date, has created his own organization called Universal Wealth.

When discussing the concept behind his business, Andre says:

Through Universal Wealth we’re teaching people how to trade and helping people increase their financial literacy through an understanding of concepts and skills like getting an LLC, starting your own business, how to invest, and things of that nature. We want people to understand that they don’t necessarily have to work a 9-5, there are other ways to achieve financial freedom and it starts with increasing your knowledge on these opportunities available to you to create more sources of income for yourself.

Andre plans to use the capital he earns from his business and trading to eventually tap into the real estate market, and ultimately diversify his portfolio as a serial entrepreneur and investor. Andre is focused on building his foundation for the future through his network by striving to help as many people as possible achieve their own personal and financial goals. On a global scale, Andre is growing his business and his brand and hopes to be recognized internationally as a successful entrepreneur.

Growing up, Andre faced his fair share of adversity that he overcame to get to where he is today. His parent’s divorce was especially challenging for Andre growing up, as he lacked the balance of having both his parents in his life simultaneously.

Andre says that staying on the straight and narrow and not falling into a cycle of negative actions was made easier when he joined his high school football team and was able to connect with like-minded individuals working towards similar goals as his own. Andre says that through these experiences he has learned resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

From overcoming hardship and finding the opportunity in each obstacle, Andre says that he has become a highly spiritual individual and meditation has been his best tool to keep his mind focused and determined. In order to thrive in entrepreneurship, a calm mind and the ability to control your emotions while executing on plans a through z is critical and Andre says that the US Naval Academy has helped him greatly in this regard:

“Being in the military has forced me to mature a lot faster, just from the challenges that we go through, it really trains you to adjust to any circumstances on the fly and take on challenges head-on. That’s what has made me grow the most in all my 19 years.”

With the constantly changing dynamics of entrepreneurship, adaptability and remaining unbreakable in difficult situations is imperative. Andre is well equipped in knowledge and experience to lead his team to success under his mentorship. Having created a thriving business, Andre is well on his way to achieving his biggest goals. Keep reading for this entrepreneurial powerhouse’s best advice in business:

Be patient. “People who lack patience tend to give up more easily. Trust the process, things are not going to happen instantly, but once it starts to roll, really riding the momentum is key.”
Be consistent. “I’m a firm believer that consistency is the key to success. If you’re not consistent with the good habits that you’re trying to establish then your business will never go where you want it to go.”
Be mindful. “If you can’t visualize your business as a success, it will never be successful. Things happen first in your mind than in reality so manifestation is very important.”
Be adaptable. “As a business owner there will be a lot of challenges in terms of encountering different individuals who might learn differently; adjusting your teaching style to others is crucial for success.”

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