Millennial Entrepreneur Keyon Harris Shares his Secrets to Entrepreneurship in the 21st century

Born in Americus, Georgia, and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 21-year-old Keyon Harris has found success in the entrepreneurial world through grit and dedication to becoming his own boss. Keyon is dedicated to helping the masses achieve their financial goals with the right education and resources, and he’s here with us today to share his entrepreneurial journey and his best advice for anyone aspiring to one day build a business of their own.

Keyon, let’s start at the beginning of your journey. What first inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Just having the mindset of independence and seeing and understanding that everything is a business. I want to have more control over my finances and my time and having a business of your own gives you that freedom. Building it takes time but there are a lot of monopolies and they all started from ground zero, just like anything in life.

Tell us about the business that you have today. What is the concept and how are you helping people?
Essentially the business is focused on educating individuals on investing, whether it’s in the foreign exchange market, cryptocurrency market, or the stock market. We’re also helping people gain knowledge and skills to help them become business owners and entrepreneurs themselves and create multiple streams of income. One stream of income is too close to none.

I think one of the most valuable things you can build is your credit, people don’t really understand that credit holds more value than money. Building that is the way to propel yourself further in life and that’s why that’s the number one thing that I push when helping people who join my business. If you work a nine to five, you can take that money and invest it in different assets and have your money work for you.

It’s truly inspiring how you’ve dedicated your business to help others become more financially stable. What do you see for yourself in your future as you continue to build your business?
My main goal is to become a serial entrepreneur with a big brand name and multiple different assets and sources of income in addition to this current business that I’ve built.

Growing a business at only 21 years old must have been challenging. What kind of adversity did you face getting to this point?
The biggest challenge for me was having people close to me doubt my decisions and my vision. My parents would tell me to get a 9-5 job rather than pursue entrepreneurship. I’d rather face my nightmares and chase my dreams and even though there were people doubting me at first, laughing at me saying I’m crazy for going this route, now my business is thriving and all of the seeds I planted are growing.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Keyon. In closing, please share the best advice that you would offer an aspiring entrepreneur.
My first piece of advice is to always be yourself. My second piece of advice is to have control over your emotions. My last piece of advice is to go all in. We only live once and like Kevin Hart said don’t start anything without finishing it.

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