Mindflip From Quebec, Canada Uses Meditation In Order To Get His Message Heard

When it comes to creating music, every artist has a different way of sparking their creativity

When it comes to creating music, every artist has a different way of sparking their creativity. Mindflip, a rapper out of Quebec, Canada, chooses to use meditation as his portal for lyrics, melodies and focus on achieving goals. These methods of meditation have gone on to allow him to reach over 6 million streams across all platforms.

When talking about recent successful Canadian rappers, Mindflip has been one that’s been well known in the Quebec area for some time now. In a recent interview asking about how he got to this point, Mindflip said that he had to reprogram his mind first before starting his hip-hop journey.

Mindflip once said

Once my aura was in tune, I started to manifest. I started by producing, mixing, and mastering on my own until I started making enough money with streams to work with professional engineers and producers.

These preparations have helped Mindflip capture the fanbase he has grown over the past two years. Each release, many playlist networks get behind the rapper, gaining his hundreds of thousands of streams. An example of this was “Hip Hop Central,” which is one of the biggest Spotify playlists in all of Canada.

About this, Mindflip said, “I never thought that an old school vibe would have made top results in a mainstream hip-hop playlist. We could say my greatest achievement is to be able to bring the genre back.”

Many rappers who attempt to make it big often fall short due to their minds not being ready for the trials that come. Mindflip is a rapper many can learn from, and his technique of preparation has led him to be one of the biggest up-and-coming names in Canada. 

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