Mindset is the Key to Success for Giuliano Gigliotti

Hard work and passion are pivotal for new business owners, but one lesser known factor that is equally as important is a winning mindset. For social media entrepreneur Giuliano Gigliotti, mindset is extremely important.

“Anyone can do anything with a positive mindset. You have to believe in yourself; that’s the key to success,” remarks Gigliotti. He is a social media entrepreneur who has built an extensive network of contacts that have allowed him to work on a global level. He promotes entrepreneurs and businesses that he believes in and always stays true to his views.

Gigliotti is one for taking chances. He moved from Ohio to Los Angeles right after high school, determined to make it on his own. “I had to learn the ropes of business on my own. It was a series of ups and downs, but I got the hang of it soon enough,” he recalls.

According to the entrepreneur, a positive mindset will radiate and carry one through everything they do. Others can sense that positivity as well and this is how great connections and business partnerships are fostered. Gigliotti is a free spirit who likes to make plans as he goes. Interestingly enough, all of his journeys end up making him a substantial amount of money.

“This is the new age of business. You don’t need to sit in an office to make a profit. You can be wherever you like, whenever you like. But first, you have to get into that mindset,” he explains, adding, “It’s crazy. I’m making money while I sleep these days.”

Gigliotti is always trying to better himself, regardless of the success that is coming his way. “You are your best and most valuable investment. If you don’t take the time to get better, nobody else will push you. It’s up to you,” he encourages his followers.

The entrepreneur is no stranger to failure. He has had a few instances when things haven’t worked out according to plan, but he has never let that bring him down. “If you take each failure and repackage it as a lesson, you’ll go far. Again, it’s a question of mindset more than anything else,” he explains.

Thinking of his legacy, Gigliotti wants to be remembered as somebody positive who persevered through thick and thin. “I love to help others increase their wealth. I’m happy to share my secrets and this is what I want to be remembered for,” he says.

Gigliotti is currently working on organizing travel exhibitions. He wants to see the world and to encourage others to do so. Each trip that he takes doubles as a promotional campaign for his business, so it’s a win-win for Giuliano.

A stern believer in the power of purpose, Giuliano happily puts out inspirational videos and content on social media to remind his followers that anything is possible on a daily basis. “Believing in yourself will get you far. Do more of that,” he advises.

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