Mini.Katana is the Go-To Brand for Sword Enthusiasts

Novelty swords and weapons are becoming more and more popular in the United States, alongside the popularity of genres like fantasy and anime. If you’re looking for a decorative sword or katana to hang on your wall or go with your next cosplay, Mini.Katana is the brand for you.

Mini.Katana was founded by Isaac Medeiros in 2021. The company sells both mini and full-sized swords and katanas. You can get these swords in the form of letter openers or pocket knives. The swords also come in sharp or blunt versions so they can be used for decoration or cosplay at any anime convention. In just over a year, the brand has grown astronomically.

The whole operation was completely bootstrapped at the beginning out of a passion and love for anime and swords. “I noticed that it was hard to find high-quality swords,” said Isaac Medeiros. “They’re common items that cosplayers and fans want, so I worked hard to create some swords that are absolutely authentic.” Since then, the company has moved on to employ 17 people, and they’ve scaled up to $2.5 million in revenue so far.

Mini.Katana doesn’t spend a single dollar on advertising. Instead, they focus on organic reach from social media apps like Instagram and TikTok. If people are already interested in anime and swords, they’re much more likely to stumble upon the company because of the algorithm.

“I love that we’re able to display our products and talk about them on TikTok,” said Isaac Medeiros. “It’s helped our ultimate fans find us, and we couldn’t be happier with our community.” He believes that the reason people love their swords and katanas so much is the company’s attention to detail. “All of our items are actual swords they are made to represent,” he said.

“Being authentic is so important to us. If someone is going to carry our sword at a convention or reenactment, we want everyone to be amazed by it. We don’t make cheap knockoffs or replicas.”

Sword and Japan enthusiasts absolutely love Mini.Katana, and the company can’t wait to get their products even more out there in the world.

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