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Misael Guerrero on the Origin of Culichitown and His Vision for Its Future

Here’s how dedication can turn humble beginnings into a dream come true.

In 2008, Misael Guerrero emigrated from Mexico to California with very little to his name and only being able to speak Spanish. One thing he did have, though, was unmatched culinary experience, which he had gained from working in his parent’s restaurants while growing up. Upon his arrival in America, Guerrero quickly realized that a lack of Culiacan cuisine was present – the same type of cuisine had he had been crafting for years prior to his move. Thus, Guerrero’s restaurant, Culichitown, was founded in 2010.

Born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico, Guerrero was thrown into the restaurant world at a young age, as his parents owned various restaurants and grocery stores throughout his hometown. Learning as the years went on, Guerrero became fluent in all aspects of not only working in restaurants but also how to run one himself. When he moved to Southern California in 2008, Guerrero took his experience and knowledge from working back home, and he began selling Culiacan cuisine. It is very popular in Sinaloa, and he carefully crafted it all out of his own garage. Through word of mouth, Guerrero’s garage business quickly gained popularity, and the idea for Culichitown was born. 

The gastronomy at Culichitown is strongly focused around sushi-based dishes, which are commonplace in Guerrero’s hometown. After his garage business took off, Guerrero opened his first official Culichitown in Rialto, California. To set his restaurant apart, Guerrero incorporated ingredients directly from the states of Sinaloa in order to make his cuisine taste just as special as it did when his mother made it for him as a child. Guerrero also has created an intensive training process for his employees, so every dish is “100% Culichi” and authentic.

Guerrero has now taken a small idea that originated with him cooking in his garage, and he has formed a highly successful restaurant with 14 California locations, as well as locations in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston, and Chicago. When Misael Guerrero arrived in America, he feared for his future and longed for the comfort of his hometown. Creating Sinaloense cuisine provided him with the comfort he needed, and he is looking to do that for many others in America who felt the same way he did. His vision for Culichitown, now, is to make it the leading Sinaloense restaurant in the United States and allow for the thousands of Sinaloanses in America to come to a restaurant that feels like home.

Guerrero and his restaurant are a prime example of someone using their humble beginnings and unique situation to make something truly incredible. Not only has Guerrero become the owner of a very successful restaurant chain, but he makes a difference with each dish that he is able to serve. More Culichitown restaurants are in the works, and Guerrero is in a unique position to bring the cuisines of Sinaloa to all of America for years to come.

To learn more about Misael Guerrero and his restaurant, follow Guerrero on Instagram and check out the Culichitown website.

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