Mixhers’ Supplements for Women’s Hormonal Health go Viral on Instagram

Mixhers, also known as the House of Happy Hormones, continues to bring relief to women everywhere with their life changing supplements, while also building a strong community through their playful and empowering Instagram. The girl gang in pink at Mixhers makes social media platforms feel like a party, as they celebrate women and hormone health through their posts and engagement.

Mixhers manufactures all natural supplements for women’s health, which contain no artificial ingredients, are gluten-free, and taste like your favorite sweet treat.

The team at Mixhers is passionate about providing natural remedies for the hormonal struggles women face every day, and not only did they create the star product Hertime, which relieves hormonal imbalances and symptoms that arise during period cycles, but they also target any other issue one may need help with. Hergreens, Herpower, Hernighly, Herlove, Herhydration, and Hermulti are a few of their other amazing products.

The team at Mixhers is a fun and energetic group. Known as the girls in pink, they bring energy wherever they go, even to Instagram. They currently have a total of 83.4 followers and it is only increasing.

Jess Toolson, the founder and CEO of Mixhers can be found dancing around with her team in their viral reels. They focus on creating content that follows all famous TikTok trends, keeping their content relevant and watch-worthy. This amazing Instagram page is fun to follow and it also allows Mixhersto maintain open communication in touch with their growing audience and their health needs.