Mo Abboud: Advice to Myself on My Birthday

By Mo Abboud

Every year around my birthday I love taking the time to reflect on where I’ve been, where I’m going and the legacy I want to leave behind. With a lot of self-reflection here are my top pieces of advice from me to myself. Lessons I’ve learned that I’ll probably need to tell myself again and again. They are in no particular order, but maybe you need to hear some of these lessons too?

1. Never tell yourself you’re not intuitive. exercise that power more often because your intuition is more powerful than you will ever know.

2. Since the day you are born, the universe is conspiring in your favor. Drop the fear and lean into trust. The sooner you trust this, the better life will be.

3. Keep failing because that is where you will learn the most. Get excited about failing because failing means you tried and gave it your best shot.

4. Never say yes to everything, it will wear you out and the things you truly wanted to say yes to will never get a chance to be properly done, because you were trying to be in too many places at once.

5. Be confident, stop trying to make yourself so small and learn to say what you need to be said without being afraid of judgement.

6. Don’t feel bad for winning, You don’t owe anyone an explanation for all your blessings. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed because you’ve worked hard to create a blessed life.

7. Most importantly is balance! Who said you can’t order french fries with your salad?

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