Mobeen Mian of #Focuseddd Interviews Brenton Saylor of Mile High Minute, from Denver- Changing the way People Collaborate

DENVER, CO / July 2021 / Businesses / The #Focuseddd news media brand is a registered firm founded by American Entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, which specializes in videography, photography, customized clothing, digital media marketing, event planning, and social media branding.

Mile High Minute is a News/Media Company founded by Brenton Saylor, based out of Denver, Colorado. The brand specifically shares, promotes, produces, and creates content for upcoming artists and entrepreneurs. Saylor, an entrepreneur himself, focuses on the positivity, talent, and consistency of artists across his platform in his in-state and out-of-state endeavors. “Every artist that comes on has a story to tell.

I want to be that brand that bridges the gap between Colorado and other music states across the U.S. We are going to keep doing promotions for artists and looking for other people to collaborate with. I want Colorado to be one of the hottest hip hop platforms in the nation. Stick to your vision and stay focused always. It is possible to make it out here.” 

With this, both News Media Brands, #Focuseddd, and Mile High Minute are rapidly growing because of their consistent collaborations with artists, and entrepreneurs. Both business owners, Mian and Saylor, have related with each other being that collaboration is the main focus to growing and branding the best way. 

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