Mobile Pixel Duex Pro: Turning Your PC Into a Multi Display Power Terminal

Every business wants its employees to be as efficient and productive as possible. The question is, how do you create a workspace that encourages this? While there are several ways to boost workplace performance, the many benefits of dual monitors make switching to this setup one of the smartest and most affordable tactics. Plus, it’s easy to do. 

One such product is Mobile Pixel Duex Pro: The iconic portable external monitors complement mobile work, entertainment on the go, and everything in between, so you can play it your way. If you own a laptop, Mobile Pixel has become a hero for those users with their complete line of second or even third screen arrays that can turn any portable computer into a multi-faced productivity beast.

Dual monitor setups allow you to use two screens that operate from a single computer. Think of it as a visual extension of your workspace. There are many applications where having a dual monitor setup offers practically unlimited advantages, and almost all computers are capable of handling two monitors. 

Many things can help improve performance, and having a dual monitor is one such way. It offers more screen space and dual pages to be shown. This type of setup is perfect for increasing productivity in learning applications, office work, graphic manipulation, and many other types of work. 

The setups are inherently redundant; if something happens to one monitor, employees can continue to work using the working one without any productivity or data loss. There is no other monitor setup that can offer that type of flexibility. Plus, dual monitors are extremely easy to maintain.

When using two monitors from a single computer, each employee can easily run multiple applications at once without having to change windows—this basically doubles the amount of available workspace. Dual monitors also make it simple to drag and drop data from one application to another.

Other than increasing productivity, there are a few other benefits of having dual monitors:

  • Helps display more content
  • Swap between applications quickly
  • Easily navigate multiple windows
  • View documents side-by-side

You might think that having two screens in front of you would provide more distractions than only having one. However, the opposite is true. With a dual monitor setup, you no longer must switch between tabs while you are working and can view everything at once without interrupting your workflow.

As of 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. That is 45% of the global population. As of 2019, people accessed the internet with 9000+ distinct devices. Every user expects that every website they access will render perfectly on their mobile device. This means website developers must design websites that are displayed on a multitude of screen sizes across the world.

In other words, they need a responsive design.

But as every designer knows, executing responsive design must begin with knowing which screen sizes to design for. The Mobile Pixel Duex Pro has aptly used the concept of responsive web design that creates websites that work well for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Websites without responsive design risk alienating a significant number of users – 80% of users have claimed that they will reject websites that don’t work well on their devices.

By far The Mobile Pixel Duex pro has been the most convenient design we have seen for travel, your second monitor can easily slide out when needed unhide protected behind your laptop screen when not. It is highly versatile quite useful in portrait mode as well detached from the laptop.

It also offers a very sharp high-quality image better even than many laptop screens themselves. The setup is easy with no issues, it attaches even more securely than advertised. It can also be detached from the laptop when not needed, sliding right off the magnets.

in addition to these features, there are a lot more in these dual monitor laptops. It features full functional USB ports, supporting both power delivery and data transmission over a single cable. The blue light filter technology built-in brings more visual comfort and you will be protected from eyestrain no matter how long you use it.

Due to the magnetic mounting mechanism, you can simply attach it on, slide it out, plug it in and get it ready to use. The device can be easily connected to the laptop as a secondary screen for work purposes as well as the Nintendo switch and select Android devices as a big screen for better gaming performance.

A dual monitor setup is one of many ways to boost productivity, collaboration, and communication in the workplace. There are rarely any situations when one monitor is better than two. Hence investing on The Mobile Pixel Duex Pro would be a good idea indeed.

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