Model and Entrepreneur Tiffany “Keiko” Hatano Finds True Connection in Humanitarian Work

As a busy model and entrepreneur, Kenyan born Tiffany Hatano is always on the go. With her clothing line expanding to cosmetics like lip glosses and eyelashes, preparing her start as an up and coming recording artist, and organizing and participating in a number of benefit projects.

These projects include non-profit work, and mission trips to the slums of Kenya to care for orphans through The Christian Relief Fund, and The Ringroad Orphans Day school out of Nyalenda. Her passion for giving back to a number of children’s organizations and benefits like the CRF and St. Jude. Children’s Hospital comes first.

The Ringroad Orphans Day school out of Nyalenda in the slums of Kenya. The orphanage has two elementary and high schools. They provide ARVs for HIV/AIDS patients, and excellent academic provision for orphans and the needy within the area.

Tiffany’s role was participating in youth mentorship, providing HIV/Aids testing, and providing resources like food to the kids in the program. “It’s truly a blessing that I have had the opportunity to give back,” Tiffany says. Being that she was born in Mombasa, Kenya, the East African native has this charity outreach organization close to her heart.

“All of the children there had lost their parents to disease, HIV, and AIDS, so they stay with the church leaders and the teachers at the day school as their guardians,” she explains. Founded in 1997, Ringroad Ministries works closely with CRF to secure sponsorships for all of their students.

The affiliated Christian Relief Fund operates out of Amarillo, Texas, but has a number of connections with other organizations in multiple countries that need aid and resources. CRF is a non-profit relief organization with a focus on holistic programs to rescue orphans and vulnerable children from poverty especially with Ringroad.

Ringroad Ministries operates Ringroad Church of Christ, Ringroad Orphans Day School, the Jones and Ringroad Community and VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) Project, the Lakeside Orphanage and the newly formed Kisumu Christian Technology School, according to the ministry group.

They have set up a number of schools and CRF operates child sponsorship programs in over twenty-five countries and is dedicated to providing food, clean water, healthcare and disaster relief to the glory of God worldwide.

“They are really amazing about the programs they have to sponsor children in need,” Tiffany says. She just got back from a two week mission trip to Kenya recently.

A lot of what Tiffany does is very focused, her entrepreneurial endeavors has allowed her to expand her brand to boutique clothes and cosmetics for women. Shop Keiko Online is a women’s clothing boutique of uniquely hand picked and custom designed pieces.

As a dedicated business owner, Tiffany has her mind set on dominating the clothing industry through her boutique. Her business savvy and carefully chosen pieces draw attention from customers and showcase more of her model work as she models some of the clothes on her site.  

Her modeling career has also included a number of benefit runway shows and MC events, her passion for humanitarianism is infused in her daily work as she supports relief efforts in Kenya and children’s cancer research at St. Jude’s. Her exuberant style and grace is the one of the leading traits that set her apart from others in her industry.

“I am so humbled and grateful for the experience and opportunity to do work like this and give back to people that share the same heritage as me,” she says beaming. “I feel like I am connecting with my roots when I get to give back to my birth place.”

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