Modern-Day Romance Michael Graziano and Natasha Grano Getting Married on Clubhouse.

The world we are living in right now is something we did not imagine a year back. Today, almost all businesses, industries and fields are dependent on social media platforms more than ever either to sustain their businesses or grow the same with optimizing social media and its several tools and resources.

Who could’ve thought that many people around the world would also choose to get married online? Well, yes, this is indeed the new normal, and we are not complaining, after hearing about two soulmates who met each other on Clubhouse, the IOS social media app that facilitates audio communications through rooms, accommodating groups of up to 5K people.

The couple Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano are a match made in heaven as they fell in love with each other on the audio app, took it forward and now are getting married soon on the app itself. Wow, this indeed feels like a modern-day fairy tale wedding.

Natasha Grano reveals that the moment she heard Michael’s voice on Clubhouse, she fell in love with him. Michael Graziano is an entrepreneur who successfully runs his PR firm named Mindful Media and is also known as the youngest Canadian to visit all 193 UN nations in the world. On the other hand, Natasha Grano is a well-known mindset coach and the #1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world. She is also a best-selling author.

Natasha highlights that after the podcast, they never really got off their phones talking with each other and would also FaceTime for hours. They spent countless hours journaling and meditating together and then decided to meet each other and confirm a true connection.

During the pandemic in the UK, Michael decided to be there and managed to visit her in London. The moment they saw each other, they knew it. The two of them decided to celebrate their love spectacularly and also did several photoshoots with Global Women Magazine, Globe Men Magazine, and London Business Magazine with the tagline “The Couple Of Clubhouse”.

Michael and Natasha soon began co-hosting the largest events on the app, including interviews with Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, co-author of The Secret John Assaraf, Thought Leader Lisa Nichols, bestselling author Jim Kwik, and others.

Natasha also loves how close a connection Michael shares with her 5-year-old son Rio. After spending a week in London, Michael had to return to Vancouver and this was when they decided to take the big step. Natasha decided to move her life to Canada to be together.

This week she would be flying and soon the two would be called husband and wife, something the internet too is waiting for. The power couple already hosts hundreds in a private mastermind group called “Manifest Your Lover”, including many prominent guests and speakers.

The staff at Clubhouse is also all elated and excited to help facilitate a “Clubhouse Wedding”, which would include a legal pastor, bridesmaids and groomsmen, digital decorations and décor, celebrity performances, and much more. All their fans, followers and members of their group and probably everyone on the web is awaiting this Internet wedding on the app and we too can’t hold our excitement.

Know more about these lovebirds through Instagram @globaldegree and @natashagrano.

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