Mohamed Abdelhay’s Creativity is Gaining Popularity

Abdelhay’s Creativity is opening doors for him

The Egypt-based Artist,Digital creator, digital marketing expert, and photoeditor Mohamed Abdelhay currently is opening up a new vista of business promotion through his creativity.

At the young age of 24, Mohamed Abdelhay has created a new trend in art and photography. Such trends have paved the way to create a new niche in influencer marketing.Emerging as a business promotion wizard, Abdelhay is a versatile person sprawling into many areas of creative art and photography. He is also mentoring others engaged in this field of creative art.

His desire to give back to serve society has resulted in a large number of new talents taking lessons, cues, and suggestions from him in the field of creative art and photography. He suggests them to get specialized in the areas that they like or may make a career out of it in the future.

Going by the current trend, Mohamed Abdelhay believes this is the era of specialization. Whatever may be the field one is engaged in or aims to engage in, doing specialization in it is needed. Success may not come without specialization.

Passionate about photography besides other areas of visual creativity, Abdelhay is currently projecting the natural phenomena of Egypt which is galore through his smartphone.

One of the earliest cradles of civilization, Egypt offers much for photography that no other land can. Here, one can find many wonders of nature which the world does not know besides the priceless historic relics. Abdelhay aims to make Egypt famous through his Digital creator & digital marketing.

As an influencer & digital creator on social media, Mohamed Abdelhay has already made his presence felt. His Instagram handle proves it beyond doubt. It is packed with various messages and requests from his large number of fans with whom he interacts regularly.

Mohamed Abdelhay is passionate about art and digital art and photography besides digital marketing. All these have made him very popular on social media. Mohamed Abdelhay has created several popular online arts and stories. He is also skilled in Digital art, photo editing, and other digital marketing strategies.

He holds a Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Design and also completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the MSA University.His followers look upon him as their inspiration particularly for his role as a digital influencer. Mohamed Abdelhay mentors and guides his social media followers. They are youth who aims to be like him in the future.

Abdelhay developed a passion to restore old and defaced and distorted photographs making them look just like new ones through his creative skills and deep knowledge in digital art. He adds colors or even an appropriate background to those faded images.

It is very important here to know that Abdelhay does this photographic restoration job for others free.Integrations of his knowledge of technology and digital art has enabled him to restore those very old photographs. This is a part of his philanthropy.

Mohamed Abdelhay regularly communicates with the people and his followers and shares his vision with them. Valuing the sentiments of others, Abdelhay edits those photographs which are a part of the memory of bygone days like a daughter sitting in the lap of his mother or a brother posing with another brother as a small kid.

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Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.