Mohamed Al-Saadi : 4 Secret Tips to Become a Successful Film Producer

Mohammed Al-Saadi, gave 4 important pieces of advice to those who want to go through the experience of artistic production as a kind of investment in order to achieve great success and earn big money.

  • The first piece of advice is given by Mohammad Al-Saadi:

It is the necessity to choose a strong script that suits the taste of the viewers and followers, and the Omani producer identified fantasy films as the best types of films that attract the audience in the current artistic era.

  • The second advice Al-Saadi gave to anyone who wants to experiment with production:

It is to rely on a great actor of very great fame and achieved great successes in the last 3 acts he starred in, which guarantees a very large percentage of the success of the work, especially that the artist in the event of successive successes, success becomes a method always, and even if he fails, his failure is the success of the producer so that he does not lose his money But he earns, but little.

  • Mohammad Al-Saadi warned in his third advice:

Whoever brings together more than one star in one work, stressing that the idea of ​​collecting stars in the absence of a very strong and successful director, will fail to work with their many differences, which will cost the producer large sums of money to satisfy everyone, which will also fail the film as each one of them will seek to steal the camera from his colleague.

  • Fourth and final tip:

It is not relying on young faces in influential roles and commitment to successful faces in the market, at least in the first work, in order to embody the main roles with the possibility of giving opportunities to new faces, but in secondary roles that do not have a significant impact in the course of the latest, which exposes the work to failure.

Al-Saadi pointed out in the conclusion of his statements that adherence to this advice guarantees the success of anyone who wants to enter the field of artistic production in the near future, stressing that he adhered to this advice after he took it from the world’s top producers who advised him before he went into any production experience for him.

Mohammad Al-Saadi is a young Omani producer who is considered one of the first Arab producers who announced their intention to enter the field of film production outside the Arab world, specifically in Hollywood, due to his desire to make Arabs compete with all countries of the world in the field of cinematography, which is currently considered one of the most important industries that distinguish certain countries. And this industry helped the growth of countries such as India and its famous cinema, known as “Bollywood”.

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