Mohamed Magdy Soliman Explains How Anubis Gaming Won the Intel Arabian Cup

Mohamed Soliman

The Intel Arabian Cup is one of the most distinguished Leagues of Legends tournaments in the world. It is open to players participating from Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Algeria. The 2020 tournament saw a record 1,000 teams participating in the Intel Arabian Cup. There were more than 5,000 players who took part in this competition in three different stages.

The tournament starts with the qualifiers. Teams from different countries must cross the qualifiers to book a seat in the final stage. The grueling competition left 16 teams to battle it out in the last round, where Anubis Gaming emerged as the winner. How did the underdog team win this prestigious tournament? Mohamed Magdy Soliman, one of the critical players of Anubis Gaming, breaks down their path to success.

Selecting the best team

Also known as Rated, Mohamed Magdy Soliman is not just the essential player in Anubis Gaming. He is also their streamer and content creator. He has been with the team since its inception in 2016. But the team was not doing well in the qualifying stages in various tournaments. Stronger teams would knock them out quickly.

Rated said in one of his interviews, “I feel there was a lack of quality and experience in Anubis Gaming initially. We made avoidable errors that led to our downfall. But I think these are the moments that you reflect on after winning a big tournament. Every failure taught us something that we could build on. We had to deal with players and coaches leaving every year, but that didn’t stop us from believing that we can become one of the best teams in our region. I wanted to build a team that could trust, support, and play for each other. League of Legends needs a team that can support you at different stages. That was our focus when selecting players.”

Rated’s League of Legends experience was one of the most important reasons for Anubis Gaming’s success in the Intel Arabian Cup. He chose players who would complement each other’s playstyle, enabling everyone to stay on the same page and develop chemistry that helped them reach new heights.

Reactions after winning the Intel Arabian Cup

Anubis Gaming was pleased, to say the least, after winning their first MENA tournament in 2 years. Rated said, “Winning the Intel Arabian Cup was the best journey for us so far. It resulted from the hard work, dedication, passion, and confidence of all the team members. As I always say, League of Legends is a team game. You can stand out as the best player, but you need your team members to perform well. We dedicate this victory to our founder, Mr. Joe, and the coaching staff. This victory gives us the confidence to outperform stronger teams in big tournaments. We feel that this is a small step to something bigger that awaits Anubis Gaming.”

With a new feather in the cap, Anubis Gaming will continue to work hard and target bigger LoL tournaments. Only time will tell whether this win was a one-off stunt or Anubis Gaming are the new favorites in big games.

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