Mohammed Arif a College Dropout Proves his Competence in entrepreneurship

It is not easy for any college drop out to prove his worth. But there are examples in the market where people of this species prove their worth and stand tall. One such example is Mohammed Arif, a young entrepreneur from South Indian city has proved that with passion, perseverance and patience one can achieve the desired things in life. Being an average student in studies, he soon realized that conventional studies will not give him what he wanted from his life. He got dropped from college and soon started exploring options on the web.

However, he always knew the opportunities on the internet are ample. Soon he explored a number of things and then explored investment in digital currency. He tried his luck in different businesses to embark as an entrepreneur of par excellence. He is a co-founder of He has been his own trainer and self-learner and left no stone unturned to keep the learning spree. With the help of gaining skills, he started working as a freelance professional in digital marketing. He won clients not only from India but all across the world. With exceptional skill sets and professionalism, he is able to offer his clients the best. This also helped him develop his business sense and handling clients.

Keeping abreast with the current trends and ideas, he got attracted towards cryptocurrency and got an edge over this field learning and mastering the concepts in and out. He started investing in this domain and gained a good margin in it. Today, being barely in his early twenties, he has proved his competence.

He put half of his earning in this domain to win big in this sector. He calls learning and boosting up his knowledge about the newer technologies and ideas as his hobby that helps him remain connected to the moving pace of time. He has proved that age is just a number when it comes to achieving his dream world and intends to be a trendsetter in the market.

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