Mohana Rathore: How the Jabalpur-Based Influencer Found Her Calling

Mohana Rathore, 28 is a content writer by profession

Mohana Rathore, 28 is a content writer by profession, and also a fashion influencer and a craft blogger. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares nifty craft DIYs.

Before the COVID-19 crisis hit, Mohana was busy with her job and her life was away from her hometown of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Like many others, Mohana’s work was affected by the pandemic too, and after she lost her job she moved back home.

She says, “I had a carefully structured life, and when I lost my job all my plans and maps were ruined. For a while, I was in shock and was so clueless – not just about my work life but it also affected me emotionally. To keep me engaged and busy, I started working on recycling things in my free time. But it fell a bit short because I could not stop thinking about the pandemic that was still raging on and ruining lives.”.

Despite all these personal storms, Mohana was able to work out strategies and solutions that facilitated growth and inner peace. She re-evaluated how her older approach to problems was not fitting with such unprecedented events, and she had to construct her view anew.

After she shifted her thinking and perspective, in place of problems, she saw opportunities now.

“I have always been a creative person, and while I was back home, my creative juices had started flowing again. I wanted to showcase my artistic side and my talent, and starting a YouTube Channel felt like a step in the right direction. On my channel, I teach people what they want to learn – to create something beautiful with their hands easily.”, comments Mohana on her shift to a new path in life.

She aims to bring creativity in all her ventures – be it fashion or crafts. She wishes to spread this approach to more and more people and connect with them. Doing something creative brings satisfaction and a rush of positivity which is what Mohana wants to bring into people’s lives through her content.

Mohana thinks that the key to a good successful life lies in finding the right balance of time between things. She seems to have struck this perfect balance because she takes up writing projects in her free time and still runs a successful YouTube channel and blog.

The constant flow of support that Mohana gets from people who admire her work and their enthusiasm to learn more from her, serves as a huge source of inspiration for her.

Her story too serves as an inspiration for those who are feeling lost – like she was. Her story brings in an example of finding yourself and your calling in the toughest of times.

When we asked her if she had any message that she would like to pass on to our readers, she said, “People should find out their interests and think of careers which help them embrace those.”.

She continues, “Talking about being a blogger, I would tell you to just do it. It’s scary, I won’t deny that. You may fail or not grow as fast as you imagined and that’s okay, as long as you try and give it your all. I always thought that the blogging world was too saturated and there wasn’t enough room for me and I was completely wrong. Everyone is so different and has something new to bring to the community. Give it a try no matter how nerve-wracking it may be, it’ll be worth it in the end.”.

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