Molding Failures into Success, the Unfolding Story of Chase Roper

Sometimes reality gets in the way of fulfilling one’s dreams. In other times, it’s life that gets in the way of pursuing a remarkable idea. When Chase Roper thought of creating a brand new social media that completely revolves around original music, he was told that it is cool but, in the same breath, was discouraged from pursuing it anyway. He went on to continue with the life that he thought he was destined to live and studied pre-med at Utah State University until he woke up one day and realized it’s time to run after his dreams. He dropped out of school, established a company called Prodigy, got encouraging responses at the beginning, only to find out that another company with similar services and profile was competing against him. Roper went through a legal roller coaster ride, believing he had failed miserably in his first independent venture, without knowing that his failure would just open an even bigger door that would lead to his success. 

After thinking he had completely failed with Prodigy, Roper went back to school. He eventually received a call from Halston van der Sluys, who worked with him and his Prodigy team. Halston is the CEO of a software company, and on the call, he told Chase that he had been watching his career and that he wanted to bring him on. Chase was then invited to join’s executive team as the director of growth. is the first of its kind that offers complete cloud-based post-production software and storage. It allows users to do a lot of things remotely and shorten their working time as they complete tasks. 

That single call made a whole lot of difference in Roper’s life as an entrepreneur. Looking back, he has nothing but gratitude that he was given such a unique opportunity to establish himself as a respectable businessperson. As someone from Cache Valley, Utah, he never really expected such an opportunity to be presented to him. But because of his determination to never give up easily, his purpose found its way to him instead. 

“I’ve learned through lots of hard lessons that you are either growing, or you are simply hurting yourself in the direction of where you want to go,” Roper explained. “There is no gray area. You might think life isn’t fair. There is a brick wall too big in front of you, but I promise you this one thing- if you are constantly giving 100 percent effort to move forward even though you feel stagnant, you will move forward. You don’t get to choose the timing. You just get to choose your effort. That’s my promise. Take it from a failure,” he added. 

At present, Roper is focused on expanding his businesses and establishing his own family. The next five years for him will be very productive and exciting as he explores more possibilities in the area of business and his personal life. If anything, he has created the perfect balance between running his businesses and finding fulfillment in his personal life. This rare feat among successful people nowadays is something that Roper values, as his success would mean nothing if not shared with his loved ones. 

Roper has proven that experiencing failure at some point in life does not define the entirety of a person’s destiny. There is always hope that better opportunities will come along, and people just need to be on the lookout for those rare events. And when they do come, they need to be able to grab them and make them work to their advantage. In the end, it’s the leap of faith that will spell the difference between rising from a failure and becoming a phenomenal success. And Chase Roper is inspiring proof that it works for those who never give up. 

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