‘Mommy Diary’ by Angela Kim- How it started

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Nowadays, people talking about mental health has made people aware of the facts that what goes through a woman after childbirth. Postpartum Depression is one such thing that should be frequently discussed, and how a mother should deal with it and how the family members should handle it. Back in the day, it was taboo to talk about all these.

Angela Kim, a major in visual arts and English who used to be an English professor in the university. She is a mom to 4 kids. Kim realized this serious issue of how no one talks about the hardships of the journey after and before the birth of a child.

It was then that he started to pursue her hobby of writing also started to vlog about parenting, it helped her to find joy in parenting and fill that void place in her life and then Mommy Diary started.

Mommy Diary is about a lifestyle brand that deals with things like motherhood, family, home, and travel. Their all started as a personal blog where she would post about her daily lifestyle, her journey, talk about her family and all small, detailed things.

Angela started Mommy Diary with the idea to create content that people can connect with. She started sharing stories that were authentic and approachable. Kim says that “I believe motherhood stories are meant to be shared because when we do, we begin to understand that we are never truly alone in our thoughts and experiences.”

Today, what just started as a blog is a 6-figure business from a small space in the home. Angela looks after her kids and husband and handles her office. Mommy Diary that started with only one person is now run by a team of women who are as fiery as anyone. Mommy Dairy is different from other ‘happy mom’ bloggers.

Mommy Diary knows that motherhood is as complicated, and it is completely appreciable. A mother doesn’t always have to be happy and perfect. Being a mother is not easy, but it is worthwhile.

Choosing a life, where you must make your life public and show pictures of yourself in your most vulnerable state and showing your family, is not easy, especially when you know that people will always be judgemental of your life. But it is all worthwhile if you know you can make a change.

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Website: www.mommy-diary.com

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