Monika Ilieva and Nickarth Take the Music Industry by Storm With Indie Record Label, Cafe De Anatolia.

No matter how much we speak about young and talented individuals coming at the forefront of various business industries around the world, it feels much less is discussed about them. The success stories they have created for themselves in their respective fields is something that the world needs to know more about to gain more inspiration. One such inspiring success story is about Monika Ilieva and her brother Nikola Iliev, A.K.A. Nickarth, who made their independent record label Cafe De Anatolia reach greater heights in the fiercely competitive music industry and today has imprinted its name amongst the best music labels and artists management agencies in the industry.

It is a record label and an artists management agency in Vinica, Macedonia that is rising high across the world with its unique music mixture of genres and the best quality of music like chill out, oriental, ethno, and deep house that it serves all music listeners and lovers with managing artists successfully across the world.

It was founded in the year 2017 by Zoran Iliev (A.K.A. Billy Esteban,) an artist, compiler, and DJ along with his children, daughter, Monika, co-founder and CEO and son Nikola, artist and CEO.

There are five tips to run a successful record label that the co-founders of Cafe De Anatolia suggest to other aspiring record label entrepreneurs.

Never Stop Learning

All those successful entrepreneurs that people read about are the ones who have never stopped learning. They are the ones who are driven by their curiosity to know more things; things they can learn and also implement in their work or life. Hence, keep learning new things to incorporate in the working of your new record label.


Whatever an individual does must be done with utmost honesty, commitment and consistency. The efforts that one puts in today would give the results in the future and that will help a record label create that momentum they need to sustain in the competitive industry.


The more one socializes and surrounds himself/herself with success stories, the more a person understands and learns about different people, stories, emotions, needs, etc. Creativity can also come by observing and connecting with different people.

Be active

The music industry is growing each day and there are already many record labels out there in the market. In such case scenarios, people just can’t sit and wait for the right opportunities to come their way. Patience is a big no in business. One must be active enough to create opportunities for themselves and create their success story.


Ideas might be plentiful in mind or on paper, but what’s important is to transform those ideas into reality. It is essential to bring ideas to life and execute them properly to get nearer the visions of the record label.

Nikola says that their record label Cafe De Anatolia is slowly becoming a world-known brand, also because they are the ones who can influence the music in a way which is purely organic. Cafe De Anatolia began with a small idea in mind to promote music from only Billy Esteban and a few artists he already knew & was networking with. However, the kind of work they kept doing, taking care of all different departments like PR, AR, legal and marketing departments, artist development, etc. it only grew manifolds and gained more recognition in the market. Today, it is working with over 150 artists and has already released more than 260 songs.

In just three years, Cafe De Anatolia has garnered over 650,000 subscribers overall on their YouTube Channels and has become one of the most prominent record labels in the organic house/downtempo electronic genre.

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