Montreal Only, Taking Over The Digital Media Game In Montreal!

We all remember a time when our parents would sneer at the TV and say something like, “Yeah that only happens in Hollywood.”. Or if some highly unusual event happened, people would crowd around to say, “I’ve only heard of such things on TV.”. Up until recently, there was a huge disconnect between audiences and the media they consumed.

There has been a growing disinterest in airbrushed scripted content that was manufactured to be attractive. People have come to appreciate honest portrayals of events and the rise of internet accessibility has made it easier for raw and real content to be shared and liked.

Keeping with the times, Montreal Only is bringing the hidden gems of the city into the light for all Montrealers to see. The Montreal-based digital media firm has been around 2016, but recently it has found its pulse. The showcasing of true to life and candid content has been refreshing to eyes that are tired of seeing airbrushed scripted shows.

Montreal Only sees itself as the future of local media as they have understood that audiences want to see events with everything from the wholesome moments to the disturbing ones, nothing held back! Montreal Only prides itself in documenting everything as it is, no sugarcoating! To align themselves with the audience’s interest, they are rebranding their website to be better than ever.

Not only is a new website in the works, but also tons of unvarnished news coverage is up to their sleeve. Montreal Only is also working on creating food segments and long-format original content. Montreal Only’s content and coverage can be found here –

Instagram- @MontrealOnly

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