Monu Patel is Weaving the Fabric Of Society Through Social Activism

The modern world is a place where people have to compete daily to earn a place for themselves. Selfishness has become a common thing around the world and people have forgotten what it means to live in a society and fight for their rights. The rich are exploiting the poor and the poor are simply giving in. However, there are a few social activists who are standing up against this evil way of life. Monu Patel is one such individual who is actively working to bring a change in society. 

Monu Patel is a young social activist from Narsinghpur in Gotegaon, Madhya Pradesh. Monu’s full name is Mani Nagendra Singh Patel. Just like his father and uncle, Monu Patel is also a public figure in the state owing to his social works. He picked up social activism right from a young age by taking inspiration from the stories of our freedom fighters. 

Monu Patel never backs down from helping the poor and needy people in society. Despite coming from a political family, he works selflessly and without a personal agenda. He often highlights the evils in society that people tend to overlook. Being a voice for the less fortunate is something that he is known for. Discrimination in society, issues such as child labor and untouchability are some of the things that he wishes to abolish forever. He is actively working on this goal and takes strict action against those who support such evils. 

Monu Patel is a very kind human being. During the times of the coronavirus pandemic, he risked his life and donated food and medical supplies to the general public. He also provided financial assistance to those suffering from the disease. He is a strong believer in the fact that educated individuals are the best way to bring change in society. Therefore, when Akash Mehra, a bright student needed help, he assisted him with Rs. 10,000. There are many such students that he has helped to become a hope for the future. 

Organizing sports events and supporting the local talent is something that Monu Patel often does. Pro Kabaddi event that was organized by Monu and the sports ministry in January is one such example. He has also carried out activities such as the distribution of tracksuits and T-shirts to the volunteers of Leadership Development Camp held at Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur. Organizing public hearings and providing solutions is also one of his common works. He is impartial when it comes to justice for the righteous. 

Monu Patel is an influential social activist and is considered to be an upcoming politician by many. He has never let the setbacks and challenges hold him back. He has always faced them with courage and determination and emerged victoriously. Monu Patel is a great example of what India needs today!

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