Moons Over Agave: How Suave Tequila is Disrupting the Industry

Suave Premium Tequila is a top-shelf, luxury, organic sipping spirit and each expression is aged differently to perfection. The cornerstone of the brand is built on the foundation of family, across five generations of industry knowledge.

Suave Tequila’s family of spirit expressions currently includes a complete organic and additive-free lineup consisting of: Suave Blanco, Suave Lunar, Suave Reposado, Suave Añejo, Suave Joven, Suave Extra Añejo VSB, and Suave Ultra-Aged. Each tequila contains its own unique taste, aroma and hue, while the process in making them is intricate, from barrel to bottle.

“The colors, flavors and aromas you perceive all derive from the barrel itself; this means that a particular lot can taste drastically different from a previous batch, as we let our Tequilas ripen naturally” the founders proclaimed. “Our exceptional tequila, from the barrel to the finished product, involves several manual steps as we utilize a proprietary custom bottle shape with no flat surface in the glass’ design. This unique bottle aesthetic requires extensive manual handling when putting the packaging together due to its irregular and complex shape. This bottle design is particularly special as it accentuates the natural complexity and beauty associated with crafting our high-grade tequila.”

Additionally, Suave Tequila prides itself on providing 100%-certified organic, pure agave in that no synthetic fertilizers are utilized during the production process of their plants. Suave creatively uses natural mechanisms to biologically control plagues and foster the biodiversity in its old hacienda villa; all in accordance with its permaculture initiative. It is also certified Kosher thereby making it suitable for protocols in observance.

Most importantly, Suave tequila is also certified Additive-Free, meaning it uses no artificial “enhancers” such as sweeteners, colors or aromas to alter their product. All these elements perceived in each bottle are derived purely from the barrel itself.

With aspirations to amplify the brand’s success at a global scale and share the beauty of natural tequila culture with people of all different backgrounds, Suave Tequila is continuing to rack up the accolades and laurels. It not only claimed 2018 and 2020 Tequila of the Year honors, but also placed Best in Show by USA Spirit Ratings.

Howl at the Moon

Suave Tequila’s claim to fame stems from its Lunar Cycle production technique in which agave is planted and harvested according to the lunar cycle, which pairs it in sync with the moon’s gravitational pull. This concept is derived from an ancestral agricultural methodology of farming whereby ancient farmers revolved their production initiatives around the moon’s cycle.

Headed by master distiller Jaime Villalobos Sauza, the ‘Founder’s Formula’ is a secret and their unmatched tequila distilling concept is grounded on the Lunar Cycle for its elaboration. The upcoming ‘Founder’s Edition’ of their Blanco and Lunar-Rested tequila editions will soon perfectly illustrate the benchmark quality the brand prides itself on.

“The mission at Suave Tequila is to produce the most naturally sophisticated, organic tequila on the market today … Our blend of sustainable growing methods and socially responsible production practices is second to none,” stated the founders. “[Suave] will never sacrifice quality for the sake of merchandising and we aim to raise the public’s opinion of what a high-quality premium tequila truly should embody”.

About Suave Tequila

Suave Tequila is an ultra-premium 100%-certified organic, kosher, additive-free, single-estate tequila produced in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Founded in 2014, the company has been awarded numerous accolades, including Tequila of the Year 2018, 2020 & Best In Show by USA Spirits Ratings. For more information, please visit

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