Review: Boost Your Instagram Engagement Review: Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms these days, and building a solid reputation on the network is of the utmost importance. Did you know that over 80% of people use Instagram to make decisions about whether or not to buy from or support a business? 

That gives Instagram a huge pull in the decision-making process of consumers, and for that reason people need to find ways to solidify their presence on the platform. It can be tough, I know. 

I had a solid number of followers, but for some reason, I couldn’t get them to engage— my likes and comments were low, and it just seemed like my content wasn’t very popular. 

It was really frustrating, and after trying out a few different strategies, I started to look for services that could help me get my content in front of more people and boost my Instagram likes. 

I started to realize that having a lot of Instagram likes helps my profile to look more popular and reputable, and people want to support and be a part of something that others like. It was really hard to find a service that actually seemed to be reputable and make sense, but finally, I found one. 

For any of you out there trying to decide how you can get more Instagram likes, take a look at this review of the service I started using: More Likes. I think they offer one of the coolest services out there that can help your Instagram profile flourish; I was truly impressed with the results. 

In the review, I’ll cover: 

  • How More Likes works
  • More Likes features
  • More Likes pricing and plans 

Let’s dive in. 

More Likes Review: How Does it Work? 

More Likes Work

More Likes is an auto-likes service that provides your new content with Instagram likes. It has three primary steps when you use it: 

  1. Post a photo or video to Instagram
  2. More Likes detects your new media
  3. Your content is liked by users in the More Likes network 

And that’s it! I was really shocked at how simple and easy-to-use the service is, and it works exactly as described. I’m now able to get a good foundation of likes on my Instagram content, helping to generate more likes over time. 

It’s no secret that people tend to like what other people like, so I have seen a big improvement in my engagement rates since I started using More Likes. 

To sign up, you just have to choose the amount of likes you want for each post and complete the process; every photo or video you post after signing up will get the likes that you signed up for. 

Let’s take a look at the other features you can expect with More Likes.  


All of the features that I get with More Likes are unique; I didn’t find another company that was able to provide the quality and effectiveness that More Likes offers me. I’m going to talk about each one in a bit more detail so you can get an idea of the full range of services you’ll get from More Likes.

Real Instagram Likes 

The best thing about More Likes is that their likes come from an in-house network of many different users, which means you don’t have to worry about a bunch of fake likes polluting your account. 

Users can see what accounts have liked your content, which means that if they happen to click and see a bunch of fake followers with weird usernames and no pictures, something will look fishy. 

It’s much better to get high-quality, real likes with More Likes and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. 

Covers up to 4 Instagram Posts Daily 

You can post up to 4 posts daily and you’ll get your likes. This is awesome because maybe I want to post a few different things in one day and I know that I won’t have any problem with my likes. 

It’s rare that businesses post more than 1 piece of content daily, but if you do, you won’t have to worry about having a shortage of likes on any of your content.  

Dynamic Likes 

I was also a bit worried that maybe if I got no additional likes, all of my photos would always have the same number, or if the same user saw my photos they’d start to notice that I always had the same number of likes. 

With More Likes, you don’t have to worry about this. They do what’s called “dynamic likes” which means that on occasion they’ll send 5-10% more likes to your content, helping to diversify the number of likes you get now and then. 

Speed Control 

If you don’t feel comfortable with the likes coming onto your content immediately, you can opt to have them delivered more slowly. I think it’s perfect that they come immediately, but it’s nice to know that you have a certain level of control in the service that you receive from More Likes. 

Customer Support 

If you need any technical support or want to adjust something on your plan, More Likes has great customer support. They’re really responsive and get things done right the first time. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

For whatever reason if you find that More Likes wasn’t the right service for you, you’ll have a 3-day guarantee. This gave me the peace of mind to try out their service, and I’m really glad I did. They’ve helped my Instagram engagement a lot. 

No-Contract Plans 

All of the plans that More Likes offers are no contract, giving you flexibility and freedom in your Instagram auto-likes. 

Let’s take a look at the different options you can expect from More Likes.

Pricing and Plans 

More Likes Pricing

More Likes has a variety of different plans, and you can find them here: 

  • 50 likes per post, 4 posts x day: $9.99 / wk
  • 100 likes per post, 4 posts x day: $19.99 / wk 
  • 250 likes per post, 4 posts x day: $29.99 / wk
  • 500 likes per post, 4 posts x day: $49.99 / wk 
  • 1000 likes per post, 4 posts x day: $84.99 / wk 
  • 1500 likes per post, 4 posts x day: $114.99 / wk 

As you can see, they’ve got lots of plans that can help people to reach their Instagram goals; I opted for the 250 likes per post plan, and I love it. It really helps boost my engagement and exposure and I get way more likes now than I did in the past. 

If you need help with other elements of Instagram such as more followers, saves, or views, More Likes has services available for that as well, so they can help in many different aspects of your Instagram performance. 

Is it a Scam?

One thing I was really worried about when I was first looking at companies was that they were going to be a scam. I can say that More Likes is definitely not a scam, and their services are provided exactly as they explain them on their website. 

That was really refreshing because I know that there are many companies who don’t deliver on their promises and I really didn’t want to get a bunch of fake likes on my account because I think that would hurt my credibility. 

More Likes provides real, reliable services and they’ve really helped me to take my Instagram engagement to the next level! I feel so much better now knowing that I’m going to keep building up my Instagram likes and can focus on my content strategy to help it do even better. 

More Likes Review: 10/10 

More Likes Feedback

More Likes is so easy to use you’ll forget that you even signed up for it. All you have to do is upload your content like usual and you’ll get the likes straight from their service. It’s really straightforward and you will see that your engagement continues to grow from the services that they provide. 

I give More Likes a 10/10 review and highly recommend that you try them out today! 

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