Motivational Speaker Mike Luzio Helps Budding Entrepreneurs Scale to 7 Figures and Beyond

Ohio-born Mike Luzio is a self-made man who transformed his life from a sales-oriented professional to a successful entrepreneur. He believes in the power of a robust network. Currently, he focuses on investing in potential business ideas and helping the owners scale their business by sharing his wins and positive vibes and helping them realize that they could do the same. 

A Cliché Worth Reiterating

It’s widely known that one of the best ways to improve on a skill is to practice it with someone smarter than you. Yes, it entails working harder, thinking faster, and learning more fundamentals. It will involve a lot of sweat and sore muscles, but it will result in high skill development after a while. This idea of working with someone better than you translate nicely to your personal and career successes as well, and that’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with people who are winners. This is the core belief that salesperson-turned-entrepreneur Mike Luzio lays claim to as the secret recipe to success. Since Luzio is a serial investor now, he is responsible for mentoring and guiding budding entrepreneurs to scale their business ideas.

Power of Network and Communication 

One of the foremost essentials of building a successful business is to ensure that one has the right network to approach and test the products. He leverages his expansive network to help new-age high-potential entrepreneurs gain valuable industry insights. Next comes the value of persuasion through strong communication.

Hailing from a sales background with sales hormones running in his veins, Luzio believes that he was born to make sales. However, the life of a salesman is not rosy at all but strewn with obstacles galore. But honesty, integrity, and hard work finally reward the person with great results and unlimited confidence.

After founding his company, Industry Retail Group (IRG) in 2003 with two partners and a minimum investment of $15,000, Luzio sold his company in 2016 at a whopping 50 million dollars. With his earned credentials of running a successful business empire, Luzio now finds his passion in being a serial entrepreneur where he invests his time and energy putting money behind young businesses, taking equity ownership, activating network to help the product get to the next level, and using social media to gain momentum.

Humbled and Honored at Positions of Prestige

Since the time he started, Luzio has been in love with entrepreneurship. He has developed a passion for empowering people with a vision and drive to build their respective businesses. Mike sits on the University of Maryland board of trustees and is the youngest member on the board. He has been on the board of trustees for more than three years now. He considers it to be an honor to be recognized at such a prestigious platform. He also sits on the New Jersey Business & Industry Association Board (NJBIA). He is the President of the Sigma Chi fraternity whose vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization.

Luzio worked in sales at a start-up and a large corporate company. These experiences were essential and culminated in his ability to start, scale, and eventually sell IRG for $50 million. This played a crucial role in helping him emerge as a serial investor and entrepreneur, motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to gain insights from his knowledge and experience. But that is not all. Luzio has been married for many years to his wife Danielle and has three children, twins, Maximillian and Mackenzie, aged 12, and Scarlet, aged 7. He is very active in his kid’s lives and practices soccer and basketball during his free time.

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