Motor Culture- Australia’s Fastest Growing Automotive Brand Bringing The Car Community Together

The online world has always been hit and miss when it comes to bringing people together. While there is even more opportunity for like-minded people to connect, many users are harnessing the protection offered by hiding behind screens to lash out with negativity towards others. Why? Simply because they can.

One brand is turning all of that around and has created an automotive scene that is free of bullying, negative connotations and unsafe behaviour. Growing from zero to 100,000 members in just eight short months, it’s easy to see why. The combination of both reputation and philanthropy at Motor Culture Australia has led to its ongoing success.

Who is Motor Culture Australia?

The idea was born in 2017 and initially launched as Car Culture. Co-founders Tom McPherson and Tom Fu teamed up to capitalise on the opportunity to create a friendly automotive community that offered a safe space to all its members. The two car enthusiasts knew they were onto something important from the get go, and watched as their business rapidly grew in the following years, leading to the need to diversify.

Car Culture became Motor Culture Australia, developing into an inhouse membership platform. Today, they have more than 100,000 members enjoying their programs and platforms, while also taking advantage of their regular giveaways of cars and supercars.

Spearheading Technological Growth

What started as a concept – to provide a safe and positive community in the automotive industry – successfully spiralled thanks to social media. They started off posting on Instagram and hosting small meets. They now reach more than 5 million people each month through their social media platforms.

The brand established their values and expectations in that initial period, which is what helped drive them in the direction of becoming the most diverse automotive community in Australia. There was a big focus on building rapport with their members, while also giving back through cruises for charity and giveaways.

They’ve managed to watch and learn from other successful companies and using this to drive the forward thinking and dynamic culture they have built and embedded in their team and wider network.

Bringing Innovation to the Industry

While Motor Culture Australia may have been borne out of an idea to bring together like-minded people, it has grown to so much more than this through their innovative ways.

Everything they’ve achieved has been done in house, form developing their platforms to coding their website. But it doesn’t stop there. They have recently built a $4 million showroom, fitted out as a social hub for car enthusiasts in Brisbane – something that has never been done before in Australia.

The team innovates by listening to what their customer actually wants and forming a genuine relationship with them. It’s this culture that is present within the company that spurs them to push boundaries and set trends within their industry.

What Have They Learned so Far?

Wondering what it takes to set up your own business and watch it soar in the current climate? Here are their 5 top tips:

  • You have to be passionate in your chosen industry.
  • You have to listen and understand the consumer.
  • Make sure you have an online presence and take your business online.
  • Being different is key.
  • Build a brand that people can affiliate with trust and respect.

Where to Next?

As you might imagine, co-founders have zero plans to slow down anytime soon. Their next step is to tale the brand and concept they have established here in Australia to international levels. It’s their goal to really stretch their legs in every aspect of the business and to see where it takes them next.

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