Habanos S.A is a world-famous brand which was founded by Moulay Omar Zahraoui in 2011. Omar has gained respect throughout the world and has become a leader in the tobacco industry and a successful business tycoon within few years.

Born in 1991 in Morroco, Moulay Omar Zahraoui did his schooling from Rabat Americain school and graduated from the University of Sunderland. Right after the graduation in 2011, he stepped into the cigar business and has left no stone unturned to take the world under his wing with his business.

Owing to his excellent communication skills, mindset, and hard work, Moulay has won the market with his approach and accomplished to make all his customers happy by making sure to not compromise the quality of his products. Despite so many multinational competitors in this market, the demand for Habanos S.A’s products is constantly increasing in the African and International markets.

The entrepreneur is well connected even with celebrities in Hollywood. He was seen hanging out with Real estate developer and supermodel Gigi Hadid’s father Mohammed Hadid, Miami’s most popular artist Alec Monopoly and his girlfriend.

Apart from his love for cigars, he’s an automotive enthusiast and has an incredible car collection which includes cars like Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes Benz.

Moulay, the founder, as of now is understanding and exploring the market in the United States and the United Kingdom. He is currently discussing with potential partners in both countries. If things work out, the first three markets Habanos will venture are London, New York, and New Delhi, taking the cigar business on a completely different level.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.