Moy Baun’s Flow and Style Are One of a Kind

Moy Baun is an artist coming from Queens, New York, who has been steadily gaining attention. His passion for music first started to show when he was a DJ, but sometime after he decided to hop in the booth. He’s been receiving feedback and love from thousands of fans ever since he made the switch,

He spent most of his time growing up in Queens, “Jamaica,” New York. Although it wasn’t the easiest place to grow up, he was able to make the best of it and overcome the odds. He says growing up in Queens gave him a ” go get it” mindset, meaning anything he wanted he worked endlessly to earn, and nothing was easily gained. He had to take a risk to go and make his dreams come true, and his success so far speaks for itself. This is what “Chances” is all about.

With his energy and unique style, he will soon be a household name for hip hop. Keep an eye out for Moy Baun on the music scene, because he’s here to stay!

He says that music is a form of therapy that has helped him through some of his most difficult moments and hopes to help others feel a sense of appreciation and motivation no matter what they are facing. Moy Baun’s creativity and realness will keep him on a track headed to the top, where he plans to stay for a long time. With his consistency and dedication, he has amassed himself a following that grows day by day. The music video for his new single, “Chances”,  is steadily gaining views on Youtube.

His smooth voice and catchy flow is the reason his latest single, “Chances”, has been doing numbers on Youtube. He describes the battles he faced and how he overcame them by focusing on his blessings and remaining resilient through all the negativity. His whole life, he’s been taking chances, and his success is evidence that believing in yourself pays off.

Moy Baun is a motivated young rapper coming out of Queens, New York. He’s quickly gaining attention with his style of music, which takes inspiration from both reggae and hip hop. His versatility in the booth separates him from most, allowing him to flourish on the music scene.

That’s what “Chances” is all about. Give a listen on Youtube and stay tuned for more Moy Baun, I can promise you’ll be seeing more of him soon, to stay updated follow his Instagram @moybaun.

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