Moyn Islam, the Self-Made Entrepreneur who Started With no Money

Being one’s own boss, calling all the strategic shots and inspiring others- for Moyn Islam, entrepreneurship is the ultimate goal in life. His focus was never just financial rewards but to become someone who made a real difference in the business world. Anyone could make it big in life if one is assured of the why & how factor- why does one need to be successful and how does one achieve it!

For Moyn, his ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ are clear. He had a clear-cut goal of becoming successful and to contribute to others’ happiness. To do so, together with his brothers Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, they had a vision that ultimately led them to launch their business venture BE.

This journey from a commoner to a business tycoon was not easy for him. Although he had an innovative business concept but he had no money or any kind of backup. He left his job to pursue his dream and this was something that hardly anyone could think of.

To meet his daily needs, he took up odd jobs but that did not kill his passion to become an entrepreneur. A generous credit line is necessary to start a business but not having money was never an excuse for him. By pivoting, grinding it out & getting creative, he along with his two brothers Monir and Ehsaan Islam bootstrap a business successfully.

Perseverance, passion, and patience are the three Ps for his entrepreneurial success. He managed everything in a flawless manner, whether it was offering the right services to the customers or running the business, or keeping his team’s motivation high. His visionary zeal to serve people and provide them with technologically advanced solutions helped him to get to the place that he always desired.

He did not get swayed by the short-term situations and always pursued his big ideas and dreams and turned the circumstances in his favor. Especially during Covid-19 pandemic when several businesses were affected, their company BE has been monumental with 700% growth. The business faced limits and obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome, but it grew not just to cope but thrive. Moyn and his brothers’ hard work eventually paid off!

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