Mr. Insta Alternatives: 10 Best & Trusted Sites like Mr. Insta

mr.insta alternative

If you’ve been looking for ways to boost your reputation on Instagram, then you have surely heard of a site named Mr. Insta, since it’s one of the best and easiest ways through which you can grow your Instagram fame with ease. If you have been hunting for a site to buy from, it can be a good option- however, this article isn’t about Mr. Insta, instead, it is about the alternatives for Mr.Insta if you were not satisfied with the quality they provide. So let’s check out those alternatives without wasting any more time.

Here is the list of Best Sites like Mr. Insta (Mr. Insta Alternative)

socialpackages - site like mr. insta

SocialPackages is exactly what it says it is and can help you achieve the fame that you so wish to achieve. SocialPackages has been around for some time and it alleges to be one of the experts in social media services and digital promotion and due to this it has amassed an incredible number of satisfied users and provides its services to around 1000 users per day.

Much like Mr.Insta, SocialPackages also provides its services for Instagram and also has pricing that is on par with it. Their smallest package is available for $ 2.95 per 100 likes (same for Followers), and their highest Package a.k.a the VIP level will cost you around $39.95 for 5000 likes.

Apart from normal Views, Likes, and Follows; SocialPackages also provides services like Automatic Likes, Ig comments, custom auto likes; but their best feature is probably the Free Likes. If you wish to test SocialPackages, I recommend you to try their Free follower’s option. With SocialPackages you can easily grow your business or Individual profile to even higher fame.

Like the many other sites in this list, Instapromote also takes its security seriously and won’t ask for your passwords; although you’ll have to set your profile to Public.


views expert - sites like viewsexpert

Another site, we have ViewsExpert and this site works rather differently if compared to the other sites given in this article, this is because they analyze your account, audience, popularity, followers, and engagement before providing you any package; which is a pretty good thing but the other good thing about them is their ability to create custom campaigns and in this, every created campaign is different since their team prepares a customized campaign on the basis of your industry, account status, and some other things.

They normally take around 48/72 hours in order to analyze your account and within or after those 48-72 hours, you’ll start seeing visible results; If not, they will return your money. But sadly they don’t offer a retention guarantee or replacement guarantee (this can be kind of bad).

ViewsExpert comes with 24/7 customer support but other than that they have a separate number for just refund and billing also. They do offer good services for Instagram but their most popular service is their Facebook packages. Of course, that’s not the only service that ViewsExpert can offer, so you can get services for all major social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitch, and LinkedIn, etc.

GetViral - mr.insta alternative

If you’ve been looking for ways to boost your Instagram followers, then you must’ve definitely heard about Buzzoid, since they’ve been the #1 for providing Instagram services since the very beginning (yeah this list isn’t made in any particular order). Buzzoid has over 12 years of experience in the field of social media promotion and to date, it has helped 1,000,000 (and counting) customers to their complete satisfaction.

Buzzoid offers various Instagram services like Views, Likes, and Followers at a reasonable price, it also has one of the best website design among its competitors but that’s not the only thing it stands-out for among the others; there are other things like 24/7 customer support, rapid delivery, and only Real follower that makes Buzzoid a real deal if you wish to expand your reputation on Instagram. Buzzoid offers high-quality followers Packages from $2 to $39.99; their likes and views packages are a bit cheaper than that although sadly they don’t offer a free trial.

If you want to purchase any of their packages, you can purchase via PayPal or credit card and under no circumstances Buzzoid will ever ask for your password.


Viralyft - Mr. Insta Alternative

Viralyft is one of the best Instagram growth service provider that will help you expand your reach and grow your account through their high-quality services. If you’ll google about websites that offer Instagram promotional services you’ll find plenty of services that are offering Instagram followers, likes, and views but Viralyft’s high-quality services and genuineness are what make them stand out among its competitors.

Viralyft has a network of over 5,00,000 users and they push your content in front of them, and that’s why the likes, views, and followers that you’ll receive from this platform will be from a hundred percent real people who are interested in your niche or content. Viralyft ensures that they put your content in front of people who are most likely to be interested in it. And for the delivery of their services, you can choose whether you want instant or gradual delivery.

The great thing about them is flexibility, you can buy as few as 100 followers and as many as 10,000 followers. Viralyft offers 24/7active customer support and a high retention rate. Their follower packs range from $2.99 (for 100 followers) and go all the way up to $79.99 (for 10000 followers).


Usually, it’s hard to trust any of these websites for your social media accounts, as there are many fake and unreliable websites that make it hard to filter which one is genuine and which one is fake. But companies like Famoid try their best to make it easier for their customers to decide, through their active customer support who provide instant solutions and guaranteed full refund policy. Famoid is a software development firm that has been offering its services since 2017.

Famoid provides services for all top 3 social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, although they offer relatively fewer services for Facebook and YouTube. They create promotions and advertisements on different social media platforms and other ad networks, they act as a middleman between those advertisement networks and you, as they direct the impression from different platforms to your profile.

For Instagram services, they got you covered for views, followers, likes, and automatic likes. Their automatic likes pack is designed to provide constant likes on all your posts. And if you are super cautious about security then you should definitely try Famoid as they prioritize security standards over anything else. Plus, if you lose followers or experience a decrease in engagement, Famoid’s automatic compensation system will detect it automatically and refill it without you having to notify them.


You must’ve seen that there are so many sites to purchase Likes and Followers packages and give you the hope of achieving fame, but sadly the majority of such sites aren’t genuine, and buying from those untrustworthy sites can ruin your business and profile rather than growing further.  Sometimes purchasing from such sites can even lead you to permanently lose your account.

But we assure you the sites in this article are genuine and Storm Likes is one of those aforementioned genuine sites. Storm Likes works hard to provide you only genuine Likes, Views, and Followers.

Stormlikes provides custom-made packages so that you can get exactly what you want at an appropriate price. One of their best features is that you can adjust the speed at which you wish to receive those likes, and views you’ll receive.  You can purchase packages from Storm likes for as low as $ 2.99 and as high as $ 249.99, as mentioned a bit earlier, they also provide custom-made packages for your comfort. With Storm Likes, you even get a free trial; which is helpful if you’re unsure about purchasing it.

Always Viral

We’ve had so many good sites for boosting Instagram followers and likes till now, and here we have yet another similar website namely AlwaysViral. AlwaysViral is a pretty great customer-friendly social media marketing company that comes with a  professional website and reliable 24/7 customer support that can answer any of your questions within a few minutes.

So If you are looking for a reliable site where you can purchase Instagram likes, followers, and views for cheap and securely, then AlwaysViral is the site that we recommend you. AlwaysViral has been in the industry since 2010, making them one of the most experienced social media marketing firms in the game.

AlwaysViral assures positive results on your Instagram account and has catered to over 25k satisfied customers to date.

Some of the Features of AlwaysViral includes:-

  • Delivering real fans within 24/48 hours max.
  • They don’t ask for things like passwords and take data security seriously.
  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • You can make purchases via PayPal or any Mastercard or credit card.

Their Packages are reasonably priced and you can get likes for as low as $1, it’s the same thing with Followers packages and Views packages. They only show packages till $16 in their main packages, but if you want a bigger package, you can scroll a bit further and find the “More packages” option. In that, you’ll get Packages worth $299.

They also provide a retention guarantee and will provide you a refund or refill if you see any drop in your purchased packages.


SocialEmpire focuses on 3 main social media platforms Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud. They start with analyzing your account, content, popularity, audience, and engagement. Then they find how to promote your account the best, they use different strategies and tactics to offer a personalized experience. Once you purchase their pack, they start working instantly on your campaign. SocialEmpire has partnerships with over 600+ diverse social growth partners. They launch any campaign while making sure that they don’t compromise on quality. They take privacy as their top priority so you don’t have to worry about your personal details being shared with any other third party.

They offer four Instagram promotional services like Instagram followers (plans start at $4.49), Instagram likes (plans start at just $4.49), Instagram auto likes (Plans start at $0.55 per post), and Instagram views (Plans start at $2.49). SocialEmpire has been in this industry for almost 4 years now and since then they have been serving all kinds of businesses and have already served 70k+ clients.


Next, we have another reliable website that is SMMSumo, they have been providing top-notch services since 2013. They offer engagement boosting services for almost all major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and Twitter. SMMSumo uses the safest promotional services to keep their customer’s account safe, you’ll receive engagement from real and active accounts. And if still, you don’t feel satisfied with their services you can ask for a refund, they have guaranteed 100% money-back policy. Other than that they have impressive retention policies and if in case you lose some followers or likes they will refill it for free within 48 hrs, they offer 2 years free refill guarantee.

And the best thing about them is that they offer freebies! With SMMSumo you can target audiences based on their countries. Plus, if in case their packs don’t fulfill your requirements you can contact them as they also offer custom orders. Till now they have served thousands of users with their excellent services at an affordable price. After placing your order you can track it through their easy-to-use dashboard.


We’ve reached the very end of this article, but hold on a little bit more because we have 1 last site left to tell you about. Our final site is Blastup, and it is a year another great alternative for Mr. Insta. Blastup is rather renowned among promo service providers due to its rapid and efficient results. Blastup provides services for Instagram likes, views, and followers but other than that they also offer services for Tik Tok.

Blastup offers an interesting feature called Automatic delivery, with this feature you’ll automatically receive likes to your new posts; now you might be thinking that this feature would be costly, but this feature is rather affordable and you can purchase it for as low as $9.99/ month.

Blastup also offers you a  free trial, so you can check their services and get a better understanding of their features. They deliver rather fast and once you place your order; it can take up to just 30 min to 1 hr for your package to be delivered. There are also some packs that come with instant delivery.

You can buy Instagram followers from Blastup for as low as $2.99 and as high as $9.99, but in case you wish for a customized package, all you have to do is get in touch with their customer service and they’ll help you out.

Their affordable plans are a blessing for small businesses to gain credibility without investing much time.


And we’ve finally reached the end, I sincerely hope you learned something interesting from here and also found a site through which you can grow your Instagram fame even further.

If you have any doubts, do leave us a comment.

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