Mr. Karam Alhamad: An Entrepreneur With a Story of Hope and Life

Alhamad strives to provide for the community more and more everyday. He is an international development professional with over 8 years of experience in project management, research, monitoring, evaluation, and grant development. Alhamad also worked with USAID/OTI as well as NEA/AC and DFID funded programs for 6 years.

“A gem has to be refined in order to make it shine,” and Alhamad is a great example of this. With a limitless multidimensional personality, he has always thrived for the best, making him stand out from the rest.

From Academics to Achievements

Mr. Alhamad completed his bachelors in economics, politics and social thought in Bard College Berlin, Germany, after his journey through Petroleum Engineering was halted in the last semester in Syria due to his political activism against Assad’s dictatorship in Syria.

Alhamad never stopped. After he acquired his bachelors in Berlin, he immediately applied for his masters, and will be doing an MPP in Global Affairs at Yale University, USA.

Karam Alhamad started his work as a freelance photographer, editor, and journalist and later became a spokesperson and organizer of Young Syrian lenses. He was also a member of the PM’s office of the Syrian Interim Government, Turkey and therefore established a network with Syrian media offices and data collection centers. He has extensive first-hand technical experience related to Syria, including in-depth knowledge and experience researching topics from armed group dynamics to civil society organizations, local governance entities, and service provision.

Alhamad was a lead researcher on Eastern Syria while developing and leading presentations on complex dynamics in Syria. He also established a broad network of activists, community organizations, media personnel, and local council members on the ground.

Some of his writings were published, like “My father is stuck between ISIS & Assad”, ” DeirEzzor : A legacy of marginalization & suffering”, and “ISIS may soon be defeated, but terror continues in Deir Ezzor” and many more.

Blockchain as a new dimensional revolution

Alhamad always had passion for technology. Two years ago, he managed to create the first technical multilingual academy on cryptocurrency and blockchain. He is the CEO of Ze.Fi, which is a blockchain-centric media, marketing, and education company registered in Berlin.

In addition, Alhamad continued working on unleashing Decentralized Finance’s full potential, and therefore explored more about the applications of blockchain in the Arab World. Most recently, Alhamad co-founded, which is a Blockchain Strategy, Advisory, Solutions and Investment Collective.

Alhamad is dedicated to freedom and democracy and he hopes to have a role in rebuilding Syria post-Assad. Alhamad sees blockchain as a great tool to support during the rebuilding process. He often says

“blockchain might be one of the strongest pillars that helps Syria stand again after we get rid of the dictatorship. Decentralization is the answer for all our struggles.”

With a strong will and a strong mind, Karam Alhamad proved that adding determination to the mix easily brings achievements forth.

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