Mr. Tempo and King and Queen Cantina Delivers a Restaurant Experience Like No Other

Mr. Tempo is bringing his successful cantina to West Hollywood

Los Angeles, California, is home to Hollywood, the beaches, the hills, the valleys, and most importantly, some of the best dining locations across the globe. This concrete jungle that has been handcrafted over the years is the place to be if you’re a restaurant owner or anyone looking to get into the food business.

Offering just about anything that comes to mind, the options for cuisine in Los Angeles are endless, and along with that comes a laundry list of places that people often recommend. If you’re in LA during the month of May or anytime thereafter, look no further than King and Queen Cantina for all your dining needs.

In May of 2021, Jorge Cueva and his team over at King and Queen Cantina are opening their fourth location in West Hollywood. Jorge Cueva, better known as Mr. Tempo, was named the “Michael Jordan of Restaurants” in his recent Forbes feature and is putting his prestigious name into running for the best restaurant in the LA area.

A true all-around dining experience that is second to none, King and Queen Cantina is the industry standard for what a restaurant should encompass. Offering countless quality, creative, and flavorful options, the King and Queen Cantina menu is loaded with something for everyone. Not to mention they also have a variety of majestic and spectacular cocktails that surprise for their flavors and the preparation at the diners’ tables.

“An infinite amount of passion for work is added to the recipe: being available seven days a week, from five in the morning to midnight, plus a menu in which the food and drink are unique, something that does not exist. A Mexican concept: breaking all the rules. This is why the popularity of the concept is a success:  people come and experience something they did not expect,” says Cueva.

All of these key things are what have kept King and Queen Cantina ahead of the curve and have allowed Mr. Tempo to expand to different locations, keep your eyes peeled for the grand opening on May 5th, 2021, as you’re sure to not be disappointed.

Stay up to date with King and Queen Cantina on their website here or check out their Instagram here.

Follow Jorge Cueva, aka Mr. Tempo, on Instagram here.

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