Muhammed Youssef Opens up on How Educating Children Can Improve Their Future

Charity begins at home. And Muhammed Youssef is an example of what a person can do if he starts a charity in his hometown. This 21-year-old has taken the responsibility of educating hundreds of underprivileged Students in Upper Egypt. He says, “Most people think that charity means donating money. Sure, you can help many people with cash. But I don’t have enough money to do that. Instead, I want to educate children. I want to ensure that they will have a bright, happy, and respectable future.”

What made Youssef start the charity?

Many people think of donating to charity after a natural disaster in their state or country. They donate to organizations working for the poor. But it takes huge planning, hard work, and determination to start a charity alone. Muhammed’s story is exceptional because he single-handedly started the charity before turning 21. 

Why did Muhammed start a charity when he was doing well as a freelance graphic designer? The youngster said, “It’s not about how much you earn in a year. I think the greatest joy in life is how much you give back to your community. One day I was passing through the streets of Upper Egypt when I saw three students studying from a torn book.

It was such a vivid scene that I remember it even today. That day it struck me that many students like them couldn’t afford education. What would they like to become in the future if they get proper education like other kids in well-to-do families? I had no answer. And that’s when I decided that I would do my best to educate as many children as I can in Upper Egypt.

I specifically chose Upper Egypt because it’s my hometown. I know the areas well. And I wanted to start with a small group of kids in my locality. Since I was alone, I tried purchasing books and stationery from the money I made from graphic design. I requested my friends and relatives to spread the news on social media.

And I had never imagined that I would get so many responses. Everyone started dropping messages asking how they could help. Some wanted to contribute financially while others wanted to become a part of this community.”

Changing the lives of children

Muhammed is leading the community from the front. He is using every resource possible to provide education to children in Upper Egypt. “It’s my dream to educate as many children in Egypt as possible. I don’t want to see that scene of children studying torn books again. Every child has the right to education.

But their parents may not have the money to afford that. I didn’t know that I would get so many volunteers so quickly. It shows that many people in Egypt think the way I do. And it gives me immense pleasure to work with such a good team who want to give back to society wholeheartedly and selflessly.”

The community believes that it’s only a matter of time before they expand and spread to other parts of Egypt. Muhammed has started something that may change the future of Egypt’s underprivileged children in a few years.

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