Multi-Faceted Business Woman La’Tavia Bell Shares her Secrets for Thriving in E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship

A hustler’s mentality and hard work go hand in hand and a 26-year-old businesswoman, La’Tavia Bell has both these qualities in spades. La’Tavia has turned countless trials into triumphs in her journey to success and is making the digital age her own, creating and growing her own online businesses while helping the masses navigate the choppy waters of trading in the financial markets and entrepreneurship towards generational wealth. Here’s how she made it happen.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, La’Tavia grew up in a smaller town called Carol City. La’Tavia’s first employment was at Buffalo Wild Wings where she worked as a waitress and started to understand the freedom she sought outside of a 9-5 employment. La’Tavia attended Bethune Cookman University where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in English in the Fall of 2019.

After graduating from University, La’Tavia set off in pursuit of a new and innovative way to make a living outside of corporate climbing and was introduced to the concept of network marketing and trading in the financial markets.

Recognizing the value she could bring to such a business model, La’Tavia embraced the opportunity and has joined an organization called Mogul Mindset, under Black Family Circle, where she has grown her own team of like-minded individuals working towards a common goal of self-improvement and learning wealth-generating skills.

Through Mogul Mindset, La’Tavia strives to bring financial literacy, security, and ultimately freedom to her team by sharing the tools and resources required to learn to trade in the financial markets and create their own business through networking, mentorship, and marketing.

When discussing her objectives behind the business, La’Tavia says:

I want to help create generational wealth. This is not only for myself, this is for everyone. I want to live the best life I possibly can and I want to help as many people as possible in the process to achieve the same.

With her team flourishing, a hustler’s mentality, and a strong will and desire to thrive in the age of digital entrepreneurship, La’Tavia has branched outside of network marketing as well, creating her own e-commerce business called California Buzz, an online smoke shop.

Getting to the level of achieving success in not only one business but two is no small feat, and La’Tavia has overcome her share of adversity to get where she is today. With her father out of the picture during her adolescence, La’Tavia was raised by her mom and missed out on the experience and nurturing a father can provide.

I had to pretty much learn how to be a black girl raised by another black woman and pretty much grow into the habit of adjusting to life without the protection and comfort of my father. A daughter always needs her father – when it comes down to love, when it comes down to protection when it comes down to not feeling like she’s loved. It’s always great to hear it from a man. So I had to really grow and had to branch out and get accustomed to not having that, which is kind of hard, but I was able to get past it. My dad was able to call, I was able to speak to him at those times, it was hard, but I was able to get out of it.

While in college, La’Tavia experienced homelessness and spent time sleeping out of an abandoned car that was left behind by her old friend, when her student housing was revoked. This was a pivotal moment in her journey that pushed her towards finding her way in entrepreneurship and truly ignited the hustler’s attitude and mindset inside of her.

A quote La’Tavia lives by, especially during times of hardship, is “even when I’m not okay, I’m okay because I know that I will be okay”. La’Tavia says that even when things are not going the way she wants, she reminds herself to take a breather and keep going because things are always fixable, you just have to figure it out instead of getting worked up. Applying this mindset to her business and her life has helped La’Tavia become the unstoppable businesswoman she is today.

La’Tavia’s experience in building online businesses, overcoming setbacks, and ultimately making the entrepreneurial dream her reality, is what makes her an excellent mentor for her team under Mogul Mindset. Learning to trade in the financial markets can be a difficult task without the right education and guidance, and having been through the ups and downs of foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, and binary options, Latavia has a wealth of knowledge to share.

When discussing her biggest lesson when learning to trade in the markets, La’Tavia says:

“I had to learn how to trade and not be in my emotions. When you’re emotional with the market, the market is going to definitely bite you back, it’s not going to play nice. You have to learn to manage emotions in order to follow your trading plan”.

La’Tavia is continuously looking for new ways to expand her e-commerce empire, bringing her team and other aspiring entrepreneurs with her on her journey to generational wealth. Keep reading for more great advice and insight into a hustler’s mentality!

Be Consistent. “Consistency is the key to getting where you want to go”.
Remember your why. “Remind yourself of why you’re here, why you’re doing this, who you’re doing this for – that will help you when you’re having trouble staying consistent.” Starve your distractions, feed your focus. “Don’t let distractions change your course, feed your focus with your goals, constantly remind yourself of them, and do things every day that bring you closer to them”.

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