Multi-Million-Dollar Business Coach Jessica Glazer Shows How To Build And Lead A Business With Purpose

When Jess Glazer first started her online training business in 2014, it was intended to be a “cute side-hustle”. The then – elementary School teacher was freelancing on the side as a personal fitness trainer, making a total of about $60,000 every year. Jess was working around the clock, keeping up with her day job and training her clients at night and on weekends. The idea of hosting virtual training occurred to her as a way to lighten her burden and achieve a balance between her two career paths.

By 2017, the online coaching space had exploded, and Jess was reaping the benefits of being an early-comer.

“I realized that what I had could be something bigger,” Jess shares, about her epiphany moment in 2017. “I left my teaching job and went all-in on my virtual business. In months, I had scaled it to a multiple six-figure business, and I was getting a lot of attention. My trainer friends started asking me how I did it.”

By November 2018, so many of Jess’s colleagues and trainer friends were asking her for advice on taking their own services online. At first, Jess did not consider this to be anything out of the ordinary. She began to organize meetings to show her peers how she had done it.

“ One friend turned into three and then seven. Before I knew it, we were meeting weekly and I decided it was time to start charging. By April 2019, I left my entire fitness business behind and decided to focus solely on business coaching, building frameworks, and scaling my process. Since then, I have served over 400 clients, helped create over 7 million in revenue for themselves, and scaled my own business to a mulit-million dollar per year machine. We also created 7 millionaires in 2020 with our coaching/programs.”

Many people who hear Jess’s story are immediately drawn to the way she was able to pivot gracefully and successfully from one industry into an entirely different one. As Jess, herself admits, her journey into business coaching was far from intentional. Her success was possible largely because of one thing; purpose.

“I believe that business should be built on purpose,” Jess asserts. “Every decision I make in my business, every course I decide to create, and pivot I make, it always goes back to my purpose and my mission. If I make all my decisions in alignment with my bigger mission/vision then by default, I’m always passionate about what I’m doing because it itself is serving the greater good.”

Purpose in itself is a multi-faceted word. It demands that whoever uses it must first seek clarity within himself. It is also very closely related to passion, as Jess explains.

“If you want to tap into your passions, step back and think about the moments in your life where you felt most aligned. Work is still work, even if you’re passionate about it. However, it starts to become effortless when you feel aligned with it.

So, when did you feel like your highest self? When were things just falling into place? When did you feel like you were literally a ray of shining light? When were you working through challenges, but it was exciting and fun? Reflect on those moments and lean into what the common thread is between them all. Once you begin to see the coming thread, you’ll start to better understand the undying passion you have.”

From the combination of a multitude of passions, a lifetime purpose naturally emerges. For Jess, she found her purpose in educating and helping others shine, and that is what she does best. Despite all the challenges presented on her path, she continues to scale and grow her business while enjoying the freedom to live life on her own terms.

“My biggest challenges have been really doing it all on my own until recently, burning the candle at both ends, and grinding as a side hustle for years before quitting my 9-5 to go all in. Building a business is truly a rocket ship to personal development and I’m typically most wowed by those challenges. Now we’re focusing on truly expanding and scaling the business rather than just growing it. We are hiring more people, making sure we have the right talent matches, investing more, and taking larger risks.”

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