Multifamily Renovation CEO Johnny Moseley Starts 2022 Hiring Spree

As economies and industries recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of positions are being offered to highly skilled people. Typically, those with extensive qualifications are provided with greater opportunities to earn a living. Moseley Multi-Family CEO Johnny Moseley has today announced a hiring spree. Earning potential is planned to be provided to individuals without formal or professional experience as the company prepares entry into new markets.

The increase in recruitment follows a notable post-pandemic period for the company, which saw an expansion into six further American states and 11 new markets. Moseley predicts development to continue for his company with further interstate growth planned and new projects approved for existing clients in key markets. The increase enables a renewed investment in recruitment and the nationwide replication of their company’s standard training program.

When asked if Moseley Multi-Family was preparing for an upcoming recruitment push, the CEO said: “We are in a hiring spree right now. Our aim is to hire 42 labor crews a month to continue our success as a recruitment, training, and development company that happens to renovate multifamily apartments.”

“We’re aggressively expanding,” he continued. “Before COVID, we were in three or four markets. Now we’re in 17 markets in nine different states, getting ready to become 11 states.”

The company has recently moved from local to nationwide recruitment, promising employment opportunities to a broader geographic range of people. Cities targeted by Moseley include Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis, IND, and Pittsburgh, PA, as a result of his company’s growing business in those urban hubs.

Moseley Multi-Family’s current hiring spree is purporting to focus on personal and financial growth for employees as opposed to strict applicant requirements. The company has a history of recruiting individuals with no prior experience in the sector, provided they show the appropriate attributes. If an employee commits to the Moseley training program, which requires the completion of 15 chapters per week, significant salary increases can become available.

“We hire people with little education and the right attributes and offer them the ability to earn $75,000 a year,” Moseley said. “In five years, our employees can earn over $100,000 a year. We invest in them and show them the right path—all they have to do is complete the work and achieve the results we need.”

By training employees from scratch in company-specific practices, Moseley aims to replicate regional projects nationwide. Moseley Multi-Family frequently conducts surveys with the aim of attracting people with attitudes that fits its ethos. As a result, the company has consolidated a 2:1 interview to offer ratio and an 100% offer letter to acceptance rate during the recruitment process.

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