Murphi Kennedy is Redefining What It Means To Run A Marketing Agency With Suede Social

First impressions are everything when it comes to building trust and closing clients. Nowadays, social media pages can be the difference between a first-time customer or churned revenue. San Diego native Murphi Kennedy has been helping his clients build out their brands online and establish credibility since 2014.

From getting featured on top publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, or growing a client 10,000 followers, Kennedy, and his team are the go-to experts for social media marketing worldwide and have helped countless brands crush it on over 10+ social media platforms.

Results-Driven Social Media Marketing

Suede Social started in 2017 after Kennedy realized his organic growth strategies could be applied to other businesses. While many agencies focus on “branding” and services with little to no trackability, Kennedy and his team focus on a sales-driven, no fluff strategy centered around delivering results.

If a client has unrealistic expectations, Kennedy is not afraid to walk away from the sale. His transparency to business and his obsession with delivering results has allowed him to scale his agency to six figures annually, with 120+ high net worth clients and a team managing over $5M per year in ad spend.

Cutting Edge Marketing Techniques

 “At SUEDE we use the latest, greatest, and most up to date methods to reach the goals of our clients. Whether it is growth, sales, aligning your brand with celebrities, influencers, or getting your marketing message in front of a specific audience quickly, this is what we do every day. We even cooperate with algorithmic limits to increase organic growth and reach on Instagram” says Kennedy.

The Instagram algorithm changes all the time. In fact, many agencies fall out of the loop and sell outdated services but Kennedy and his team have been devoted to learning new, cutting-edge growth techniques for 4+ years.

The importance of adapting in the social media marketing world early on is vital to success — to always be in the trenches learning new marketing tactics, and delivering organic growth and targeted exposure for SUEDE’s clientele.

Top Tier, San Diego Approved Marketing Agency

Because of SUEDE’s unique cutting edge services and result-oriented marketing approach, Kennedy and Suede Social have earned the trust of San Diego’s most prestigious social media marketing agency. Having worked with some of the biggest celebrities and influencers in the space, Suede Social has become the most top-tier agency for San Diego-based businesses that need an elite marketing strategist to deliver more organic traffic, growth, and sales.



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