Music Producer Steven Ozbun on OzMusicNation and Mixing Rap With House Music

By Noor Abid

Steven Ozbun, also known as OzMusicNation, is an entrepreneur and music producer who is bringing attention to a lesser-known genre of music that combines rap with house music. A San Diego native, Ozbun always had a passion for music throughout his youth. From growing up in a household that always played music to listening to rap records with his older sister as a kid, Ozbun’s childhood encouraged him to delve beyond and focus on how the music of different tracks flowed. He would analyze the tempo of beats and visualized rhymes that paired well together. With a growing interest in learning about production, Ozbun found himself listening more to house music, a genre defined by its electronic production and repetitive rhythm.

Many clubs will only play specific genres of music, while other clubs will have designated rooms that play different genres. Inspired by this separation of music, Ozbun had the idea to combine genres to create a club experience for those who appreciate all types of music. A risktaker, Ozbun began to experiment with combining hard rap with the “soulfulness” of house music. However, this proved to be difficult since both genres follow different tempos, and with the lack of technology at the time, would always sound offbeat when mixed together. 

Feeling like he had come to an impasse, Ozbun decided to take a break from music and pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities. However, having recently sold his successful real estate software company two years ago, he decided to pursue his passion and hobby once again. His return to music as OzMusicNation (all one word) in a new musical era filled with technological innovations and advanced digital platforms allows him to create music that he could not before. The musical technology today enables him to produce tracks that mix different genres with varying tempos, integrating tracks with different speeds.

Ozbun has also created Spinindustry Entertainment, a company to not only showcase his unique catalogue of music, but to also create enjoyable experiences. Through this company, Ozbun hopes to release Virtuavision™, virtual reality software that will only require a VR headset and a phone. This software will allow users to experience attending concerts from the comfort of their own homes. Many specific genres are characterized by the experiences they bring, and for a genre that combines house and rap, being able to witness a concert, even virtually, will only enrich the listening experience.  

Inspired by the nostalgic sounds he listened to growing up, Ozbun is combining hard rap and rhythmic house genres with techno. Excited about experimenting with different types of music, Ozbun says he wants to merge genres that most would think can never pair well together. Whether it be using eccentric artists and beats, or combining tracks with contrasting energies, Ozbun hopes to release fresh and original music. He has a song in the works with the legendary Snoop Dogg that combines nostalgia vibes with rap lyrics that will be released soon.

Check out his current tracklist on his Soundcloud.

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