Musician-Rapper Krazymut Unveils his new Rocking Album Dreams!

The Internet has changed lives for the betterment of many people, especially today’s youth. Today, no one has to wait to be a part of a reality show to show their talent to the world. A lot of social media sites and dedicated platforms for talented and artistic youth are available. Now coming to the music industry, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram and many such platforms are full of talented independent artists from all across the world. One such immensely talented singer-musician is Gerald Walker Jr aka Krazymut.

Krazymut is a 19-year-old independent artist from Decatur, GA. Music is in his genes as his father and brother are also into music. From the age of 8, Krazymut developed a fondness for rapping which turned into his passion and now a career. The artist’s father is also an underground hip-hop artist who has been very encouraging of his son’s dreams.

So far, the 19-year singer-musician has amazed fans with several songs. Krazymut has promised the same kind of magic with his new EP, Dreams. It has at least 15 minutes of soothing vocals from the singer and one by Bad Guy Bino. His fans and followers are extremely excited to catch up on his new album.

In the past, Krazymut has won hearts with some rocking singles like Chances, Dear Mr Officer, Very Fine and several others. On Spotify, the artist has crossed 100k reach and the top one being I Want It with 200k hits on the music streaming platform.

Talking about his popularity, Gerald has more than 33k followers on Instagram. He keeps dropping exciting surprises on his page about his new projects. Sometimes, he even treats fans with musical treats and rapping performances. You can check out his work on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Google Play. His Instagram link is –

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