MusicPromoToday Unveils The One Social Media Role Every Artist Needs On Their Team

“People think they have to post, make mockups, calendars and schedules for posts. But, you’ll see exponential growth if you engage. Engagement means participating in other conversations and responding to your following,” MusicPromoToday co-founder Anthony Katz said.

If you’re an artist looking to grow their career, one of the first changes that needs to be made is how you engage with your fans. Whether it’s a busy schedule, lack of interest or a combination of both, many artists make the mistake of thinking they are too busy to interact on social media to fans sending them private messages, commenting on posts, or even holding separate conversations with other people centered around the artist. This is why the premiere music marketing agency of the last decade, MusicPromoToday, advises that every person has a Social Media Engagement Officer.

T-Pain recently revealed he had unintentionally ignored messages from celebrities and brands like Oprah, Viola Davis, ESPN, NFL and Barstool Sports for two years because he had never checked the message request folder on Instagram.

Even with a team helping him, the multi-platinum artist and producer undervalued the importance of social media by admittedly believing direct messages only show up in one folder on Instagram. By not putting the time in to truly understand all of the ways of engagement on Instagram, he missed out on potential revenue and invaluable connections.

His situation isn’t rare for artists, especially independent artists without teams to help mitigate any mistakes. This is what necessitates a Social Media Engagement Officer on any artist’s team. A chief engagement officer could help set off a chain reaction by responding to messages in an authentic and engaging way that the artist’s followers can share with others thus growing the artist’s exposure.

If Drake’s profile responded to a fan asking when his new album Certified Loverboy will be out with the actual date and a caveat that it’s for this fan’s eyes only, that message will be in millions of Instagram DMs within the hour, even if it wasn’t Drake actually responding.

“MusicPromoToday believes if you have a chief engagement officer, you’ll be more likely to respond to every message. If you receive 100 messages per hour that is 6,000 messages per day and 180,000 messages a month. Imagine if every message you received was a $1 tip. That’s nearly $200,000 every month all off of engaging with your followers,” Anto said.

A successful music marketing agency such as MusicPromoToday highly advises artists to understand that the ability to like, comment and save on social media platforms are there for a reason and the more time you invest on understanding how they work the more money you’ll make from social media and trigger the algorithms in your favor.

If you have someone who will engage on your behalf you can become an influencer and truly unlock potential revenue without having to brand yourself and create the perfect social media image that is not your authentic self in an attempt to lure sponsors and brands.

Snoop Dogg and DJ Khaled have partnerships with major brands like Triller, Ciroc, NBA, the ‘Jordan’ Brand, and MusicPromoToday all by having people post and engage consistently on their behalf, and not by having perfect captions and only creating content meant to generate eyeballs and revenue.

“That chief engagement officer opens all kinds of doors for you. Based on your end goal, you maneuver. You built a fanbase of 5,000 people and you want to take it to Discord, or take it to Clubhouse and get tips, do it,” Anto advises.

“You need to have someone who understands web 2.0 on your team and this is where we come in because we want our clients to focus on what truly matters for them, which is making music”.

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