Mustaph Kamel Woos the World With Song and Leadership

Moroccan RnB and pop artist, Mustapha Kamel, continues to grace the world with his music and a whole lot more.  The talented singer songwriter is also an entrepreneur.  His digital agency, Wakr Media, specializes in social media management and has proven to be a priceless tool for artists, focusing on Forex trading signal and digital marketing.  

“I am passionate about what I do in my music and also in helping other artists reach their goals,” Mustapha stated.  “I find both realms of my career very rewarding.”

Wakr Media LLC is a leading professional team that provides members the opportunity to experience the freedom to breakthrough financial issues through their investment and marketing guidance.  Services also include motivational and inspirational encouragement, measures Mustapha feels are vital to success.  

Mustapha was born in 1996.  He is from Midar, Morocco.  He began his singing career at the early age of sixteen when he discovered his interest in music, especially electrical beats.  He found EDM initially, but wanted to branch out further.  And that…he did.  

Mustapha has three hit singles, ‘You Feel Me’, ‘Summer Problems’, and ‘What He Want’.  He is a self-made artist, something he takes great pride in.  

As a singer, entrepreneur, music producer, and journalist, he is featured in many places on social media including YouTube, Wikipedia, Spotify, Facebook, and more.  Through Wakr Media, Mustapha is helping to promote the presence of other artists too.  

To find out more about Mustapha and Wakr Media, visit the Wakr Media Facebook site or check out the WakrMedia LLC website.  

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