Mustardseed Realms: David Liberto’s Web3 Adventure Blends Gaming and Storytelling

In the fast-moving world of Web3 technology, David Liberto, a former English Lit student, is breaking new ground with his latest project. His book, “Return of the Lost Ones,” has been released as the first installment in a series of 13+. Liberto’s creation ventures beyond traditional storytelling, intertwining the realms of literature, gaming, and web3 to offer readers a truly immersive experience.

Liberto’s brainchild, the Mustardseed Realms project, seeks to deliver stories through diverse mediums, including books, ebooks, audiobooks, and games. The unique twist lies in the gamification process, where readers can actively engage with the narrative through a 3D video game connected to the book. What sets this project apart is the integration of web3 elements, allowing players to earn NFTs linked to the series and delve into the Mustardseed Realms immersive digital universe.

The gaming experience, set to launch on December 1st, 2023, introduces NFTs tied to the series, creating a bridge between the fictional world and the tangible digital collectibles. These NFTs open the gateway for players to explore the Mustardseed Realm Universe on a deeper level, engaging with the stories, games, and community in a unique and interconnected manner.

return of the lost ones

“Return of the Lost Ones” unfolds as a saga following two young men, Pol and Stefan, compelled to confront an ancient evil in Cordiae. Descendants of renowned families, each with its own notorious history, Pol and Stefan embark on divergent paths that unexpectedly intertwine, leading them to a village under siege by mysterious assailants, abducted families, and legendary monsters. To save the villagers, they must unite and face the challenges that await.

Behind the scenes, Liberto has assembled a talented team, including Lahiru Wijesundara in development and Olavi Gorden and Taruna in the art department. A unique aspect of the project is that each book in the series corresponds to a distinct level in the game, providing players with a comprehensive experience of Mustardseed Realms’ intricate narratives.

Liberto revealed plans to launch an NFT collection for readers who complete the book and game, featuring elements reflecting protagonist Pol’s journey. These NFTs will also carry utility within future content from Mustardseed Realms, creating a tangible connection between the virtual and literary worlds.

In the evolving Web3 space, storytelling has gained paramount importance, fostering a deeper connection between audiences and content. Liberto’s innovative approach not only rewards reader engagement but also combines gaming and storytelling to craft a truly immersive experience. As the project unfolds, it stands as a novel concept with the potential to redefine the intersection of gaming and storytelling within the Web3 arena, promising an exciting journey for readers and gamers alike.

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