My Kid Is an Author: How to Help Your Child Write Their Own Book

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Is your child bursting at the seams with creativity? Maybe have them write their own book! It’s a thrill for any kid to hold a book with their name on it in their hands. And the process of getting there is a whole lot of fun, too. Emma Jean, founder of I’m An Author Academy, who has numerous published books, can certainly show you how to get started. 

Find the Niche

Help your child identify the niche or genre of their book. For example, if they’re writing a nonfiction book, is it the story of their own life? That’s called a memoir. For fiction, your child might choose to write a scary story or perhaps a whimsical fantasy.

If you aren’t familiar with the different book genres and niches out there, a quick online search can help you figure it out. You can even head to the bookstore and check to see what categories the store is divided into.

Plan It Out

Create an outline for the book’s plot. There are lots of ways to outline a book. Your child might enjoy creating a storyboard. With this method, you draw a picture for each scene of the book and layout the pictures in the order the story will go. If your kid isn’t an eager artist, there are also printable templates online that can serve as an outline for the story.

If your child is having trouble coming up with an idea for the book — or getting that idea onto paper — encourage them to think about one of their favorite published books and draw inspiration from there. How might their story be similar? A trip to the library could certainly help get the creative juices flowing.

Identify the Characters

A Wrinkle in Time wouldn’t be the same without Meg and Charles. Charlotte’s Web wouldn’t exist without Charlotte. Without Anne, Anne of Green Gables would just be a book about an old house. See where I’m going with this?

Characters are the lifeblood of your book. Encourage your child to think about their favorite literary characters and how their own characters might be similar. What do their characters want? What are their characters afraid of? How are their characters flawed? The answers to these questions will drive the story forward. 

Write the Book

When you’re finished outlining, it’s time to write the book. Offer your child as much or little help as they want with this part. They may want you to prompt them with every sentence, or they might disappear into their room and come out a few hours later with a finished book. Let your child’s creative juices flow and assure them you’re standing by if they need any assistance.

Publish Online

At this point, there’s just one step left — actually publishing the book. You can use a website like Lulu to print a copy of your child’s book for a low cost. If you don’t have design experience, you may need to get help with formatting the manuscript.

If you want the book available on Amazon for family and friends to purchase — and, let’s be honest, as bragging rights for your kid — this process can get a little more complicated. The I’m An Author Academy can help. Created by one of America’s most popular children’s authors, this academy transforms students into authors. Your child can join the academy to learn everything they need to know about writing and publishing their very own book.


About Emma Jean

Emma Jean is one of America’s most popular children’s best-selling authors. She has written two best-selling books and founded the I’m An Author Academy to transform students into published authors. She has been featured in Next on Scene and Indie Book Talk Podcast. Click here to join the I’m An Author Academy:

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