Na’eem Walton: The Star of Love Locked

Na’eem Walton is a world renowned brand, clothing line producer, designer, entertainment entrepreneur and influencer who has partnered with Nike, Chanel, Members Only, BPI Sports, The Million Roses, Orttu & Sebastian Cruz Couture to produce high quality content and allow brands to utilize his platform to get millions of people to see and buy their products.

There’s more than meets the eye as he is highly favored on many TV shows and easily has become a fan-favorite on shows like: Love Lock, Steve Talk Show” “Snoop Dogg’s Jokers Wild” “ABC’s The Proposal” “Ultimate Tag” and more.

His collaborations allow his supporters to experience curated concepts. Na’eem possesses the skill and knowledge to generate profitable advertising campaigns and create brand awareness to drive sales. Na’eem also knows how to connect with an audience and build a loyal following, with over 60K followers on his social media platforms and growing. Na’eem continues to be featured in print and television broadcasts around the world; with over eleven TV appearances to date including “addition to his marketing and TV background, Na’eem is also a certified dating coach and freelance model.

As he stars in his latest series from The Shade Room’s “Love Lockdown” he shares his beliefs on dating philosophies and relationships. Stay tuned for his 50/50 program which becomes the central theme of the legends’ hit show.

You can find more about him:


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